Buy Nothing Month

Buy Nothing Challenge - April 2008

I have just signed up for the Buy Nothing Challenge created by Crunchy Chicken. The basic rules of this challenge are:
Buying none of the following:

* No new clothes
* No new gadgets
* No new furniture or housewares
* No salon services
* No makeup
* No tools
* No whatever the hell else people buy

If anyone else wants to join, click here.

And I'm out.

Grocery shopping.

So the grocery store that I usually shop at does not have much organic produce, let alone other organic produce. Food Basics has been my grocery store of choice for almost 2 years now, due to it's low prices and that it doesn't hand out plastic bags. You have to BYOB or pay 5c per bag.

I am thinking of starting to do most of my personal grocery shopping at Rainbow Foods which is also close to my house, but MUCH closer, and they pretty well only sell organics and bulk food as well! Can't go wrong. They're kind of pricy, but how else will you get good quality food without any cost externalizing, and at the same time, the more you buy of something expensive, the cheaper it will get.

Going shopping on Thursday, when I get paid and have money again. Maybe I can convince the SO to go there first.

Out on the highway...

Not really, haha. I've used my washer a few times now, and I really like it! It is a crank washer, but it only takes 2 minutes, so it's not too bad. Plus, it's almost like a mini-workout!

Just wanted to send a quick shout-out to a blogger that I really like: Crunchy Chicken who has reached a fabulous 292 pads to be sent to Africa for Good 4 Girls. I really think this is a fabulous thing for her to be doing, and she's doing it to be environmentally friendly, AND a great way to help people in need. Girls who can't go to school without pads, because they can't afford them. Check it out, seriously.



Got my WONDER WASH washing machine today. Did one little load, of my fiance's work uniform, it's hanging to dry right now. So far it seems pretty good, it doesn't get out the animal fur, but that's what the dryer usually does anyways. May just have to get a lint brush for that problem. This will save us SSOOOO Much money, as well as being way cheaper on the environment, and less detergent needed. It's very exciting!