Balcony gardens?

Apartment gardening is not easy. I have just recently started, starting small with just an Heirloom tomato plant. It doesn't have any tomatoes on it yet, just one single yellow flower. I will likely need to re-pot it into something bigger (again) as it grows.
I plan to get some herbs at some point, but I'm not sure what else. Or which herbs, for that matter. I think I would like a mint plant, as then I won't need to carry around gum anymore.
Anyone who reads this, do you have plants or mini gardens on your balcony? If so, how long did it take to get where you are, and what do you have? Does it make enough food or herbs for you to use without needing to purchase them? Any tips for a newbie?

Aside from that, I've changed stores, and now work a little bit farther away. I have been being a bad girl and driving there and back for every shift, but as soon as this cold clears up, I am determined to pick the bike again and start using it. Aside from the distance, it is a nice store, the other supervisors actually seem to care and act as a team, which is a huge change. The crew are also willing to learn and when you show them the proper way to do things, for the most part they actually do it! It's such a positive change. Positive is good, and leads to less stress overall. That, and the store is a little less busy, and I get out earlier, so I actually get to have normal sleep times for the most part. Very nice.

New reused beauty products

Just got a package today that I ordered a few days ago from Recycline. I got the Preserve toothbrush, 4 of them to keep me going for a while. I also got a 4 pack of two blade razors that come in some fun colours. Not only are these products made of post consumer recycled plastic, primarily from Stonyfield Farms yogurt cups, but the handles are #5 plastic, and recyclable in most cities. If it isn't recyclable in your city, you can send them back to Recycline and they will recycle them themselves. Then, to top it all off, they sent it in a package which was made entirely (from what I can see) paper and/or cardboard. So it's completely recyclable. Package perfect deal.

Personal cooking experiment

Tried my hand at making my own soup today. Anyone I know can tell you that I am not very good at making real food. I work fast food, and that's about all I know, so it really was an experiment. Fared quite well. I was going for tonnes of vegetables, and then realized that I needed protein as well, so I threw in some of my canned chickpeas, potatoes, and VOILA! Rather tasty, if I do say so. My SO didn't like it much, but he's a carnivore. Too many vegetables, not enough dead animal.
Here's what I threw in, if anyone who might read this thing has any tips to make it more balanced perhaps, or add their own flair.

1/2 can chickpeas, rinsed and drained
1 can vegetable broth, added 3 equal cans of water
1 red pepper, cubed
2 potatoes, large, cubed
1-2 cups of mixed frozen vegetables
1/2 can tomato paste
Seasoned with garlic powder, italian seasoning, salt, pinch of sugar (to cut the acidity).

It was quite good, pretty filling too, I was quite surprised.

Off I go.

Giving hurts sometimes, but it's worth it

Yesterday, I donated blood for the first time. It was a fairly laidback experience, they were very detailed and caring nurses, and I really appreciated everyone's attention to detail.

I also convinced the SO to give as well, and he also enjoyed the experience. It was definitely something I will be doing again.

Props go out to the CBS and RN's that were at the Walter Baker centre yesterday, doing their part helping others from the area do their part. Thanks to all of them for making my first time donating a pleasing and satisfying procedure.


I love myself today. I feel good. This is good.

Short post today. Just wanted to leave a quick note saying that things aren't always as they seem, but that things usually work out for the best, if you keep an open mind.

Keep smiling.

Food quality

Time for another rant.

What is the point of buying food that a) you know isn't good for you, b) you know is bad for you, even, and c) you really don't feel that good afterwards of eating it.

This whole concept makes absolutely no sense to me. There are plenty of ways and things to eat for a good price, and yet people continuously spend their hard-earned cash on fast food. Even if you ate the grocery store brand, non-organic food that you have to spend 5-10 minutes assembling and cooking, you are doing your body a favour over buying fast food. Not only are fast food restaurants open at least 18 hours a day, which releases and uses tons of energy in lighting, heating, refrigeration, plus all the cleaning supplies that are NOT earth friendly, but they also keep their lights on all the time, regardless of whether or not there is anyone in the store.

How hard is it to find some recipes that are easy? Not very! I do it all the time, search on or whichever your favourite search engine is, and you are bound to find something that fits your time allotment. It is just depressing seeing how people come here when they're hungry, instead of planning a little bit ahead and having some real good food that will keep them satiated for more than 2 hours.

Think. Plan. Act.

It isn't hard, people. Think about yourselves.

Parents and children

Almost nothing I see people buying these days is actually necessary. Are people so blind to advertisements that they really think that they need all this crap? Is it like this all across the world, or just in North America? Frightening to think about, no wonder all of our resources are dwindling. People think that changing little things here and there will help, and sure it does a little. But to save what we have left and restart, we really need to rethink our spending and living habits.

Kids out there are getting junk they don't need for holidays that mean nothing to them, stressing out the parents who need to work extra hours or not buy something they may need just to make junior happy. When did children take control of the world? If the kid isn't happy, it'll make him/her grow some character, patience and respect. From what I see on a day to day basis, parents have lost their backbones. This is a serious problem.

If you are a parent, and you know that when your child is unhappy, what do you do? If your answer is "anything to make him/her happy", it's wrong. Children should know what it feels like to be unhappy, sad, disappointed. It's all a part of growing up to be balanced. You should never be afraid to say no to ANYONE, least of all your own child. Remember that sometimes saying no will help them, even if they kick and scream for the time being. I have faith.

New enviro-ish stuff at MCD

So, at the old MCD we have a few earth happy changes that have happened! Surprised? Me too.

Our new take out bags are made from 30% post-consumer recycled paper (as opposed to 20%)

We have an actual recycle box for paper and drink cans/bottles that is being used semi-properly.

I also seem to have raised other peoples awareness of their junk consumption, which is nice.

Good things can happen, slowly but surely.

Take Back The Filter!

Brita filters are a fabulous thing and way to drink tap water while also ensuring that you're not drinking any nasty bits. However, their filters are non-recyclable here in North America, but they are in the UK. If you think this should change, sign this petition along with me and several other North Americans to tell Clorox (North America's Brita's owner) that we want to be able to recycle these things.

Sign the petition at


I was laying in bed last night, unable to sleep for whatever reason, thinking of how painfully plastic dependant MCD really is. It's painful working a 9 hour shift, and seeing how much "garbage" is being put in the compactor for disposal to a landfill. I was thinking that I'm going to send of a few letters to higher up corporate people, several per person I think, to try to make them see the error of their ways. If I could just quit and screw the company over, that would be ideal but I would feel terrible as I have made many friends there. But if I can get them to change... That would be even better I think.

Today I think I will.

One week in

One week into Buy Nothing Month, and I am in the clear. I haven't bought anything disposable or unnecessary aside from some food. Here's hoping that I can keep going strong throughout the whole month.

Reading other blogs has opened my eyes to how EVIL plastic really is. Throughout this month, I am also from now on pledging to consume (buy) as little plastic as humanly possible. Hard to believe that there is plastic lining to aluminum soda cans, and glass bottle lids all have plastic to seal in the liquid. How painfully depressing. My trek for eco-safety is going to get very expensive, so it's a good thing that I'm going to be saving so much money on not buying anything this month.

Buy Nothing Month

Buy Nothing Challenge - April 2008

I have just signed up for the Buy Nothing Challenge created by Crunchy Chicken. The basic rules of this challenge are:
Buying none of the following:

* No new clothes
* No new gadgets
* No new furniture or housewares
* No salon services
* No makeup
* No tools
* No whatever the hell else people buy

If anyone else wants to join, click here.

And I'm out.

Grocery shopping.

So the grocery store that I usually shop at does not have much organic produce, let alone other organic produce. Food Basics has been my grocery store of choice for almost 2 years now, due to it's low prices and that it doesn't hand out plastic bags. You have to BYOB or pay 5c per bag.

I am thinking of starting to do most of my personal grocery shopping at Rainbow Foods which is also close to my house, but MUCH closer, and they pretty well only sell organics and bulk food as well! Can't go wrong. They're kind of pricy, but how else will you get good quality food without any cost externalizing, and at the same time, the more you buy of something expensive, the cheaper it will get.

Going shopping on Thursday, when I get paid and have money again. Maybe I can convince the SO to go there first.

Out on the highway...

Not really, haha. I've used my washer a few times now, and I really like it! It is a crank washer, but it only takes 2 minutes, so it's not too bad. Plus, it's almost like a mini-workout!

Just wanted to send a quick shout-out to a blogger that I really like: Crunchy Chicken who has reached a fabulous 292 pads to be sent to Africa for Good 4 Girls. I really think this is a fabulous thing for her to be doing, and she's doing it to be environmentally friendly, AND a great way to help people in need. Girls who can't go to school without pads, because they can't afford them. Check it out, seriously.



Got my WONDER WASH washing machine today. Did one little load, of my fiance's work uniform, it's hanging to dry right now. So far it seems pretty good, it doesn't get out the animal fur, but that's what the dryer usually does anyways. May just have to get a lint brush for that problem. This will save us SSOOOO Much money, as well as being way cheaper on the environment, and less detergent needed. It's very exciting!


Got my hydro bill today, used a lot more energy these past few months. I suppose that's to be expected, but I was disappointed. I need to reduce what I use, what I leave on, what I leave plugged in. I've recently started turning off the power bar to my computer and tv/cable every night, which will hopefully help.

Anyways, I feel that I use a lot less energy and products than most people. I try to pass on the reason behind it in hopes that others will realize that retail therapy isn't really very helpful.

Random Venting

Today was kind of frustrating. Some people were just plain rude, and I'm so fucking sick of stupid customers. How hard is it to learn how to order, or to figure out what you want before you step up to my cash to say something. Use your brain for even 2 minutes and sort yourself out, then I don't have to fix your stupidity.

Also, some people need to think about how they spend their money before spending it. Have you ever watched people at a Big Box Mart? It's pathetic how they think they need all this cheap crap, when they don't, and all they're doing is supporting cheap labour, crappy health care, and externalized costs. People buy so easily into perceived obsolescence that they don't care about anyone or anything other than themselves. Look at my links, for those who read this and are interested, and watch "The Story Of Stuff" it's only 20 minutes long, but it can change your views on many things.

Anyways, enough venting. Peace out.


I find it hard sometimes to stay on the "green and narrow" so to speak at times when I am surrounded by my friends who do not follow the same rules as me. It's hard to be the odd one out and just constantly think that they think you're some kind of freak.

Working for a giant fast food corporation doesn't help either, and I really don't know where to go to help them realize the destruction that all of their apathy is causing. I try to raise awareness, and sometimes people realize that it is a small change, but if one more person does it, then it's not as small. But then there are those who cause waste and destruction willingly and purposefully, and I just want to smack these people in the head and try to wake them up.

Why have we become a nation of such lazy people who follow the bidding of those higher than us on the consumer chain? It's so strange to think that it was all intentionally planned by the corporations and governments, and that they wanted this consumerist living to become the norm. Which it has, sadly.

Enough of my musings. Back to work I must go.

Reusable, Ridiculous

So slowly on my quest of making my personal ecological footprint smaller, I have stopped using almost all things disposable. So far such things include:
-Coffee cups
-Drink cups

Soon, I will be investing in some organic cotton handkerchiefs so that I never need to use tissues or napkins again. Recycled toilet paper (which is toilet paper made of recycled paper, not recycled toilet paper) is also on the list for as soon as I run out of the stuff I already have. I've also been looking at Diva Cups, or Moon Cups for my girly times.

I am also making a concerted effort to a) reduce the amount of packaging on the stuff that I do buy, and b) think of ways to reuse it if there is any left.

That being said, I really hate walking into a Tim Hortons, where they have reusable china mugs for their hot beverages for those dining in, and 80% of the people I see who are staying in, are using the freakin disposable cups! What the hell, how does that make sense?

People are so selfish.


Eugh, long day. Got my performance review today, took 2 hours. How disappointing to think that I tried hard to work on it, but just don't feel like it's right for me. I try to smile at work and enjoy my time, but it's just so stressful sometimes, and not my idea of a great job. The only reason I'm still there is because I haven't found a better job yet. They say I'm great with people, and great with my co-workers, but I don't have a "management" qualities, and I don't manage the people well. Whatever.

I'm completely exhausted, mentally, physically and emotionally. I don't even know why I'm still awake. But I think I need to put my clothes away, because they're bothering the crap out of me.

Keeping hope alive

I'm trying to conceive a way to pitch a recycling system in place for the employee's of my job. I need to pitch it to my boss' boss in a way that he'll understand from a business perspective as helping the company not just the environment. Very frustrating. I've tried previously, which ended up with me being told that "We need to focus more on detail cleaning, and then we'll think about it."

I was like: EXCUSE ME? Cleaning dirt and corners and walls is more important that reducing the amount of crap going into landfills? What the %#@ are you thinking? But, of course, I wouldn't actually say that at the risk of losing my job. So instead I have been lying in wait, and plotting my next approach.

Hopefully it goes better.

First of many.

Alright, so here's my first blog, and here's hoping that it catches on. I guess I should start with an appropriate intro that doesn't involve recommending a browsing of my profile. So here goes.
I am a 21 year old fast food manager who makes a concerted effort to stay green and thinking of my spot in a bigger perspective. I recycle almost everything, and have recently started working on the other 2 R's: Reduce, and Reuse.

Since I work fast food, I feel absolutely terrible about the enormous and redonkulous amount of waste produced by this form of consumerism. So I try my heart to incorporate some "greening" in at least my store.

Some examples are:
-Bringing home dropped paper bags which would end up in the garbage.
-I bring my own water container for any drinks that I want
-I encourage my co-workers to do the same
-So far, I have convinced some of my co-workers the benefits of reducing the amount of garbage they use, at least while at work.

I do other things as well, such as being very careful when I take something out, so that nothing else falls by accident, and other such things.

And I'm out for now,