Day 28 — someone that changed your life

Well, it must get frustrating to keep hearing this, but I'm sorry I've been so neglectful! Starting a new job proved to be more overwhelming than I had bargained for, and now I think I've got it pretty well good for now.

So, I'm going to try (again!) to finish this 30 days (which is taking close to 2 months!) tweeting challenge!

Someone that changed my life. I'm going to try to go back into earlier life memories and pick someone from that approximate time period.

@Alexine We were friends for years til you dumped me to become popular. I know now sometimes things change for noreason. I'm still mad about it tho

Yes, I know, I'm lame for holding on to grudges. Not like this happened in the 8th grade or anything. Anyways, it hurt, and it still does. She just randomly up and stopped talking to me. Sigh.

Ah well, that's life, right? It certainly changed my life, having had something like that happen. I never was a part of the in-crowd, so maybe that's why the hurt dug a little deeper.

Peace and serenity,

Simply Me

Day 27 — The friendliest person I knew for only one day

On a daily basis, particularly working food service, or anywhere customer service related, you are going to run into people for one day. They may be nice, they may be rude. Having a great day, or having a horrible day.

This one girl I ran into once, working at McD's, was so sweet and kind, and she had to reason to be.

@NiceCustomer I wish every customer that had a bad day was like you. You were all smiles even though your day was rough. I hope you keep smiling.

Every person you run into, you have the opportunity to improve or impact their day. Take care to think about the people you see, walking, in the street, on the bus, wherever. Smile at them. Say hello. Maybe you will be the one person who kick starts their day of positivity.

Pay it forward.

Peace and serenity,

Simply Me

Day 26 — the last person you made a pinky promise to

Pinky promises... Memories of childhood friendships and giggles come to mind. Pinky promises aren't something that people do too often at this age (ripe old age of 23) but it does happen periodically.

The significance of the pinky promise is this: It is a promise so deeply meant, that both parties agree to it prior to the pinky shake, and that it cannot be nullified by crossed fingers and cannot be broken. Initially, the intention was that if one party broke the promise, they would get their pinky finger cut off, as a repercussion. Society nowadays, as a whole, is not so violent. But one who breaks a pinky swear is regarded as a shameful person, in general.

I can't remember the last time I made a pinky promise. Lame, I know. I lost most of my short term memory some years ago, and as a result can't remember most of my elementary school days. It sucks, sometimes. But maybe it's a good thing. Means more space for memories of what's happening now.

Anyways, since I can't remember, I can't really tweet. I just really want to impress the importance of a pinky swear. I truly believe that a pinky swear is for real, and if you really mean it, then do it. Promises shouldn't need a pinky swear to be held true, just stay true to your word. Everything else will fall into place.

Honesty and fidelity, always,

Simply Me

Day 25 — The person I know that is going through the worst of times

Well here we go, this is a little bit more interesting. This will bring a new person into the mix, haha.

Maybe some of you readers have noticed, but I don't know a lot of people.  I'm very sociable, but very antisocial at the same time. I have no problem making friends, the trouble lies in keeping friends. I have a hard time trusting people, so they tend to get bored of me and go on their way. Which just reinforces my issue. Catch 22.

I've been trying to stretch out a little, let people in a little bit at a time. It's hard! I never would have imagined.

Anyways, the person I know who is going through the worst of times... Well, I don't know about the worst of times, this isn't the French Revolution. Hehe, pun.

But someone I know going through a tough time, that would be a close friend. Who will also remain anonymous (obviously). He is going through a lot and seems to have a hard time coping with the things life throws at him.

So, FP, this tweet's for you!

@FP You have more strength than you know, just keep positive and things will change. Remember that you have many people who love you, myself included.

So there. That blurb can apply to many people. Anyone who is having a hard time, just remember that things change. Things always change. So keep positive, and just ride it out. You'll see, it'll get better.

Love and happiness,

Simply Me

Day 24 — The person that gave me my favorite memory AND energy news

Well, favourite memory... This is going to get repetitive!! My favourite memory is of my wedding day! Haha, how lame am I, it was just 3 weeks ago (TODAY!! lol) and it's still my favourite, of all others.

Anywho, the person who gave me my favourite memory, obviously, would be my wife.

Yes, again. I know, she comes up a lot. Well, she is important!! Hehe

@WifeyLove You gave me the best day I ever could have asked for, and not only was it perfect... it was perfect! Love you forever and always

Anyways, enough sappy crap, you must be getting tired of this.

I have other news. Since our current provincial government is changing the rates and system for hydro and gas billing (as in, based on peak hours, not a flat rate of an average for the day) we were visited by the JustEnergy fairy, and got to sign a contract to keep a flat rate billing system.

The upside to this, aside from having a flat rate, is that I got the option to choose whether my energy was sourced from "brown" energy sources (oil, coal, etc), 60% green energy, or 100% green energy (for a slight increase in rate). Not only did I pick 100% (of course) but the location of the energy farms (wind, water, solar) is all in Canada! How awesome. Local energy, hehe. Not sure if that's normal, but I was happy about it.

So that's my ramble, maybe not so exciting but I felt like sharing it nonetheless.

Peace and serenity,

Simply Me

Day 23 — the last person I kissed

Well this one is easy!! Haha, gotta love that. They give you a few days of challenging tweets, people you have to dredge up from your past and force yourself to remember. Then a twist comes in and reminds you of the happy things you have happening right now.

@Loveofmylife I love you so much, and I look forward to every kiss and every touch. Falling asleep in your arms in the best part of my morning and of my night.

Day 22 — Someone I want to give a second chance to

Wow, 8 days left. Or 8 tweets, since I'm getting really bad at posting every day.

I'm thinking that wanting to give a second chance to is probably someone that doesn't deserve it. I don't know anyone that I haven't given a second chance to that deserved it. I like to be fair, but I don't like to get screwed. It's not a preferred pastime of mine. It has happened too much in my life, and I do not and will not let it happen anymore.

On the other hand, maybe someone I'd like to give a second chance to can be someone that deserved a second chance, but that I don't speak to anymore (for whatever reason).

That makes it a little bit easier, since at least they would deserve the second chance, and I may be able to give it to them, if ever they happened upon this blog.

@Kelly I talk to your sister more than you. I try to get a hold of you and nothing. We were friends so long, and now you bail on my wedding and say nothing. What is going on?

Where to start? Any ideas?

So, in case no one has noticed, I love writing. I love expressing myself, and I love writing down and inventing new ideas. I haven't actually written a short story or a chapter since my ex (expletive) decided to erase my personal folder off the computer approximately 2 and a half years ago, deleting 3 short storys, about 100 poems, and a long novel type story that I had been working on for about 5-6 years.

Now, I'm feeling the writing bug infestation coming back, but I'm stuck with a where. Where do I start? I can't go back to my old style of writing, because I have changed too much. I am happy, and so I can't write the depressing, somber, mopey poems of olde. I have my days where I feel like crying all day, and laying in bed staring at the ceiling. But they are much more infrequent.

So where do I start? I have no ideas, no specific inspiration. I need someone to slap me (figuratively) with an idea. I need a muse, and I need one now!

Love stories get old, and that's most of what I can think of, so if any one of you who passes along here, please leave even just a random sentence (as nonsensical as you'd like!) and it will be used to try to inspire this bug.

Thanks to anyone who leaves a note, if you do, I will personally send you whatever I write with the inspiration you have given me.

Love and serenity,

Simply Me

Day 21 — Someone I judged by my first impression

I may come off as crass, or harsh, or prejudiced right about now, but in this day's topic (someone I judged by my first impression) I'm reading it as someone I judged wrongly by my first impression. Now, I do have someone for this, and I will get to the tweet on that very shortly.

I just want to get off my chest, and out there, that I am very good with first impressions. If I don't like you as a first impression, chances are there is a good reason for it. I have incredible intuition, and it has saved me from much misfortune through the years just by listening to my gut instinct of certain people.

When I come across someone that I instantly do not like, it's not their clothes, or their skin colour/religion/race/etc that puts me off. It's something non-verbal and not obviously visible. It'll be the way they stand, the way that they talk to others, their eyes. Eyes are very easily read, by someone paying attention, and they give me a lot of information. If I get the bad feeling from someone, I may still be friendly, I will certainly try to be, but there will be no trust and no reliability from them.

Every now and then, I'm wrong, and it will change within a day if I realize that it was a mis-reading.

So, with that off my chest, onwards:

@NewGuyAtWork The first second I saw you, I took you for a dumb Neanderthal high school kid who didn't give a shit. I'm sorry. You're awesome. <3

This person never knew that there was a moment that I didn't like him. Or that I dreaded the thought of having to train him. One hour of sitting with him, chatting, and everything changed. Now we are friends, and I don't regret it. Always good to see that first impressions are not always right.

Love, openness, and peace,

Simply Me

Day 20: The one who broke my heart the hardest ALSO...

Wow, talk about a depressing topic there... Heart breaking... Lucky me I haven't had too much of that.

I will go with someone I was friends with (very good friends, we'd hang out almost everyday at school.) that I dated for just over 2 weeks.

That seems lame, heart broken after 2 weeks, you'd think that'd be like a gust of wind.

But in that 2 weeks, we were very close, and I thought we were happy.

Then we got intimate, and I got dumped on Christmas Day. That night was the first night I cried myself to sleep.

So, DC, this tweet is for you.

@DC You broke my heart and stepped all over it. Now you think we can be friends? Good luck. Please leave me alone and find someone else to hurt.


Happy news!!!

I got a new job! I will be working for the federal government in a temporary position. I know, temporary, seems so lame and insecure. But it's through a very good placement agency (run by the government to fill spots that need someone for a spot like maternity leave, back to school, etc) and as long as I show up and I work productively (no issue there) I will keep getting new contracts!

Happy days!!

I start next Monday (the 27th) and I'm counting the days!

And, as always,

Happiness and peace,

Simply Me

Day 19 — Someone that pesters my mind—good or bad

People pester my mind in many different ways. There are those who make me go "what the f*ck were you thinking?" Then there are those who just make me think, deeper in depth about whatever we had been talking about.

So, I guess I'll go with...

@LadyGaga You are so unique, and so mind bending. I actually wonder what you're thinking most of the time. But you make me more confident in my way of dress, so thanks.

Yeah, I know, I'm boring. I'm sorry. I have been so out of it lately.

I do apologize for the lack of anything from me, I am trying to rearrange my life a little, so hopefully soon I will have more time to write.

Please forgive me.

Lots of love and serenity,

Simply Me

Day 18 of 30: The person I wish I could be... Also: I'm back!!

So, slowly settling into married life. Shockingly, it's not so different from unmarried, living together life. Kind of like you don't really feel different on your birthday than you did before, but you know that there is something that changed.

Lots of pictures were taken, now I just have to sift through them and pick my favourites.

Here's a quickie for ya though, just a sneak-peak.

My wife's face is blurred to keep her identity, don't take it personally.


Day 18 of the tweeting challenge, which was put on hold, is now back in business.

So, day 18... The person I wish I could be...

@P!nk You are so powerful and influential. I love your no-nonsense views and attitudes.

Simply Me