Product review : Coconut oil

So I finally made a quick trip to Rainbow Foods. Didn't end up buying any of the bulk foods, but I need to make an inventory of what they provide.

I did however notice that the location had expanded since the last time I was there! Fantastic, they now carry organic bleach (who knew?) and also managed to find some coconut oil! I have been looking at buying some, and it seemed the only way to get it was online. Alas, to my great pleasure, this was not the case. They provide it in glass and plastic jars. I chose glass, even though the price was higher, because I feel much more comfortable reusing something that is made of glass. The lining of the lid more than likely contains some plastic, but it's significantly less than if the whole container were plastic.

I also got to put it to the test in terms of healing ability. I walked to work on Monday (45 minutes) and very much enjoyed the time spent outside, despite becoming slightly irked (well, very irked) with the amount of litter polluting the bike path. I also managed to give myself a blister. Right square in the middle of my left heel. Work sucked, as I'm on my feet all day, on said blister.

So, when I got home, after I showered, I put some coconut oil on it, rubbed it in good and hard. Kept my foot off the floor/sheets/everything possible. In the morning, I woke up, checked out the blister. Still there, BUT no redness, no soreness, and best of all, couldn't even feel it to touch. I can still see it, but it doesn't hurt, hasn't grown despite working on my feet and walking to work every day (except Wednesday and today). I'm very impressed.

I definitely recommend this for any skin irritation (maybe not chronic ones, like eczema or psoriasis or the like) but razor burns/blisters/heat burns etc, definitely. I also started using this as a facial moisturizer and putting it on my lips before bed. My skin isn't noticeably oily, and feels smooth.

Now to find an effective natural cold sore remedy that actually works, because apparently my lips hate me for this weekend

Quick bulk foods update

I just called Bulk Barn and Rainbow Foods to ask about their policies on customers bringing their own containers. Rainbow Foods is all for it, and they have no problem. Bulk Barn however is not so considerate. They apparently have too many allergy concerns, which I guess is fair. But they also don't have a scale for measuring containers, the scales there are pre-programmed for their own containers alone.

Guess I won't be going to Bulk Barn anymore! At least not unless I need dog poop bags.

At least I know now.

I also found out that Ottawa also has a few Natural Food Pantry s. They aren't super close, but they do have bulk bins with much more variety than Rainbow Foods, and they allow you to bring your own containers etc for use. So that's awesome!

Follow up on natural cleaning products...

I realized the other day that my shampoo containers has this strange white crust on the edges that were touching the bathtub. I had thought I rinsed the tub well to get all the baking soda off, but I guess I didn't! The crust wiped right off, it was just a reminder to rinse better next time.

I also used hydrogen peroxide to clean the in- and outside of the toilet. The dust and animal fluff came off and stayed off, and the scum in the bowl wiped off easier than I have ever seen it before.

Anyone had any luck or failed attempts with other natural cleaning products?

Also, I need to call the Bulk Barn and Rainbow Foods to see if they'll let my bring my own containers for their bulk bins. Reminder to myself, will update here to let everyone that reads this know.

Much love

All Natural Cleaning products... found in your medicine cupboard and baking supplies!

So, to go along with the information received from Kitchen Stewardship in regards to the Get The Junk Out Carnival! I decided to finally make the step towards getting the junk out... of my cleaning closet.

My chore, every week, at home is to clean the bathroom. Very important, it's used up to 20 times a day, so it's important to keep it clean and organized. Well, I had been sick last weekend, so it didn't get done. so this weekend, it was extra gunky. Time to try out a few new tricks! Instead of Mr. Clean (I know, terrible, but it was bought for me) for general cleaning and Comet for the bathtub, I used rubbing alcohol for the sink and cupboards. Cleaned off the toothpaste like nothing else, and gave it a nice clean feeling. Mixed around 50/50 with water, enough to smell the alcohol. Onwards to the shower, I wiped down the walls and ceiling with a little hydrogen peroxide on a facecloth, and the scum came right off, way easier than when I used the other crap.

You know what, why not use rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide? It's good for disinfecting wounds, why not surfaces? And not to mention about 10x cheaper, at least.

Last but certainly not least, the bathtub. Soap scum and dried on who-knows-what. A little baking soda, and a facecloth to scrub. Worked better than Comet, and I thought Comet was a godsend. Not only that, but baking soda also works as a deodorizer, so it works out very nicely. Follow up with a quick wipedown with either rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, and it's disinfected and sanitized as well.

Haven't done the toilet yet, that's for tomorrow. Got too busy organized all my art paraphernalia. But I'm sure the toilet will sparkle as much as the rest of the bathroom by the time I'm done with it.

Anyone else have any great natural, eco-friendly cleaning ideas or products? Please feel free to pass them on. Also, if anyone knows where to find rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide in something other than a plastic bottle, please let me know! Thanks!

Happy cleaning!