Balcony gardens?

Apartment gardening is not easy. I have just recently started, starting small with just an Heirloom tomato plant. It doesn't have any tomatoes on it yet, just one single yellow flower. I will likely need to re-pot it into something bigger (again) as it grows.
I plan to get some herbs at some point, but I'm not sure what else. Or which herbs, for that matter. I think I would like a mint plant, as then I won't need to carry around gum anymore.
Anyone who reads this, do you have plants or mini gardens on your balcony? If so, how long did it take to get where you are, and what do you have? Does it make enough food or herbs for you to use without needing to purchase them? Any tips for a newbie?

Aside from that, I've changed stores, and now work a little bit farther away. I have been being a bad girl and driving there and back for every shift, but as soon as this cold clears up, I am determined to pick the bike again and start using it. Aside from the distance, it is a nice store, the other supervisors actually seem to care and act as a team, which is a huge change. The crew are also willing to learn and when you show them the proper way to do things, for the most part they actually do it! It's such a positive change. Positive is good, and leads to less stress overall. That, and the store is a little less busy, and I get out earlier, so I actually get to have normal sleep times for the most part. Very nice.

New reused beauty products

Just got a package today that I ordered a few days ago from Recycline. I got the Preserve toothbrush, 4 of them to keep me going for a while. I also got a 4 pack of two blade razors that come in some fun colours. Not only are these products made of post consumer recycled plastic, primarily from Stonyfield Farms yogurt cups, but the handles are #5 plastic, and recyclable in most cities. If it isn't recyclable in your city, you can send them back to Recycline and they will recycle them themselves. Then, to top it all off, they sent it in a package which was made entirely (from what I can see) paper and/or cardboard. So it's completely recyclable. Package perfect deal.

Personal cooking experiment

Tried my hand at making my own soup today. Anyone I know can tell you that I am not very good at making real food. I work fast food, and that's about all I know, so it really was an experiment. Fared quite well. I was going for tonnes of vegetables, and then realized that I needed protein as well, so I threw in some of my canned chickpeas, potatoes, and VOILA! Rather tasty, if I do say so. My SO didn't like it much, but he's a carnivore. Too many vegetables, not enough dead animal.
Here's what I threw in, if anyone who might read this thing has any tips to make it more balanced perhaps, or add their own flair.

1/2 can chickpeas, rinsed and drained
1 can vegetable broth, added 3 equal cans of water
1 red pepper, cubed
2 potatoes, large, cubed
1-2 cups of mixed frozen vegetables
1/2 can tomato paste
Seasoned with garlic powder, italian seasoning, salt, pinch of sugar (to cut the acidity).

It was quite good, pretty filling too, I was quite surprised.

Off I go.