Food quality

Time for another rant.

What is the point of buying food that a) you know isn't good for you, b) you know is bad for you, even, and c) you really don't feel that good afterwards of eating it.

This whole concept makes absolutely no sense to me. There are plenty of ways and things to eat for a good price, and yet people continuously spend their hard-earned cash on fast food. Even if you ate the grocery store brand, non-organic food that you have to spend 5-10 minutes assembling and cooking, you are doing your body a favour over buying fast food. Not only are fast food restaurants open at least 18 hours a day, which releases and uses tons of energy in lighting, heating, refrigeration, plus all the cleaning supplies that are NOT earth friendly, but they also keep their lights on all the time, regardless of whether or not there is anyone in the store.

How hard is it to find some recipes that are easy? Not very! I do it all the time, search on or whichever your favourite search engine is, and you are bound to find something that fits your time allotment. It is just depressing seeing how people come here when they're hungry, instead of planning a little bit ahead and having some real good food that will keep them satiated for more than 2 hours.

Think. Plan. Act.

It isn't hard, people. Think about yourselves.

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