Simple Steps To Following Your Dreams

A small trickle of water can wear away at a rock until there is a huge crevice becoming deeper by the day. It is for this reason that you should always do what you feel is right. Following your dreams and doing what you believe is right will be difficult in the beginning and will become easier the more you stay true. No matter what your goals or dreams are in life, it is always possible to move towards reaching them. It may seem completely out of reach, but by making conscious decision each and every day to move you in the right direction you bring those goals closer to your grasp with each decision and action you accomplish.

A few ways to keep your head on straight when heading towards your goals are:

- Pick one important action regarding your goal that you will accomplish today. No matter how big or small this action is, as long as it moves you towards your goal it is a good choice. This way you will know that each day when the moon is at its peak that you have done something to stay true to your goals and beliefs that day.

- Reassess your priorities regularly. By this I don't just mean write a list of things that are important to you, I want you to go a step further. Write out or think out why these things are important to you. If you have productivity as a priority, why is it important to you to become more productive? Is it simply because you might be able to make more money or look better to your supervisors, or is it deeper than that? Consider all the aspects, and be sure to follow your heart.

- Find a buddy. Another person who has a similar goal to you, who is working towards the same thing as you, or possibly someone who has attained what it is that you are reaching for. Stay honest with this person and hold them to the same standard. By having someone who is on the same path as you, or who has walked that path previously, you open the lines of communication. You make it easier to follow the path because you won't be walking it alone.

Your dreams can be as big as you can imagine them, and you can still attain them. It takes some work, some patience, and the knowledge that this dream will move you one step closer to self-satisfaction. Every single action you accomplish is an action towards personal success. Only you can measure your personal success, so take the leap and start working towards that dream.

Go one step backwards in that if you aren't ready to take and make big actions. Using just your words and thought, start thinking as if you were following your dream. If your dream is to be a doctor, start learning everything you can about health and related topics. Become an expert, and be able to talk freely and openly about the knowledge you have. If your dream is to become a construction worker, start thinking like one and getting little bits of experience in it by doing your own home repairs and offering to help those you know with their minor repairs.

By thinking positively as though you are following your dream, you are mentally setting yourself up for success. Positive thinking is one important part of being able to feel confident in making life changes, no matter how minor or drastic. Keep the level of optimism above the average no matter who you talk to, they will catch your positivity and carry it with them as well.

Love what you do, and do what you love. At least part of your time in each day should be spent doing something that has real value to you. Find what that is, and follow it. You will never regret it.
Every dream has a reality, have you started making yours?

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