Reusable, Ridiculous

So slowly on my quest of making my personal ecological footprint smaller, I have stopped using almost all things disposable. So far such things include:
-Coffee cups
-Drink cups

Soon, I will be investing in some organic cotton handkerchiefs so that I never need to use tissues or napkins again. Recycled toilet paper (which is toilet paper made of recycled paper, not recycled toilet paper) is also on the list for as soon as I run out of the stuff I already have. I've also been looking at Diva Cups, or Moon Cups for my girly times.

I am also making a concerted effort to a) reduce the amount of packaging on the stuff that I do buy, and b) think of ways to reuse it if there is any left.

That being said, I really hate walking into a Tim Hortons, where they have reusable china mugs for their hot beverages for those dining in, and 80% of the people I see who are staying in, are using the freakin disposable cups! What the hell, how does that make sense?

People are so selfish.

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