Balcony gardens?

Apartment gardening is not easy. I have just recently started, starting small with just an Heirloom tomato plant. It doesn't have any tomatoes on it yet, just one single yellow flower. I will likely need to re-pot it into something bigger (again) as it grows.
I plan to get some herbs at some point, but I'm not sure what else. Or which herbs, for that matter. I think I would like a mint plant, as then I won't need to carry around gum anymore.
Anyone who reads this, do you have plants or mini gardens on your balcony? If so, how long did it take to get where you are, and what do you have? Does it make enough food or herbs for you to use without needing to purchase them? Any tips for a newbie?

Aside from that, I've changed stores, and now work a little bit farther away. I have been being a bad girl and driving there and back for every shift, but as soon as this cold clears up, I am determined to pick the bike again and start using it. Aside from the distance, it is a nice store, the other supervisors actually seem to care and act as a team, which is a huge change. The crew are also willing to learn and when you show them the proper way to do things, for the most part they actually do it! It's such a positive change. Positive is good, and leads to less stress overall. That, and the store is a little less busy, and I get out earlier, so I actually get to have normal sleep times for the most part. Very nice.


Veggie said...

Good to hear your job is going well.

I don't have any "balcony" container plants but I have a few herbs in pots on my back deck. If you plant mint make sure the container is large and don't plant with anything else. It will grow quite large and you may be able to bring it in for the winter. I personally I like spearmint best.

Plant a few tomato plants if you can and if you have more than you can eat you can always freeze the extra.

I've heard of people growing lettuce and bell peppers, but I don't know how well it works.

Other herbs I like are basil, parsley, oregano and chives.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Veggie.

Basil, Lemon Basil, Oregano, Chives, Spearmint. I also have Sage.

You clip it and cook with it as it grows. The spearmint grows fast and large, so I would suggest clipping it in the morning, after the dew has dried off the leaves, and hanging some upside down to dry. I do this with my other herbs too, so I can pack them away. My plants are quite large though, so I can do this and still have some fresh.

Tomatoes are usually slow to grow. You should be feeding them every week. You can buy some at like rona or homedepot. You dilute it in about a litre of water and treat your plants every week. Make sure it's the stuff for edible plants. I can't remember the name.

You can also grow carrots in a large pot. They will not grow large, but they make a cute snack, lol. Along with snowpeas, but the plant grows quite big, so you need to tie it up and push it near something it can wrap around.

Strawberry plants stay smallish. If you get 5-10 and line one of those large square planters with them, you could have berry snacks every week or two. They need a lot of sun and water though if you want to have more than 2 berries. lol

PS; thanks for this blog, seriously. You've just introduced me to so many things I would love to do. Like the washing machine and the diva cups.

I haven't read all your entries yet, but considering you have a daughter who will be growing out of clothing incredibly fast, I would suggest investing in a sewing machine. I am currently trying to learn how to alter my clothing. I've been making bags as practice, but I have a bunch of hippie tops lined up and I altered a pair of old pants into a wicked skirt. Although I do still contribute some clothing to goodwill, I am now using a lot of the material from old clothing to make new clothing. It's definitely something to think about doing yourself.


Anonymous said...

It may not be feasible for you right now, but if you plan on keeping any kind of garden, you should be composting :P
I compost and recycle, and we go through hardly no garbage at all in this household.
We're still bad for buying things that can't be recycled, but I'm in a household with multiple people.
Buying habits will be different in my home.

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