New reused beauty products

Just got a package today that I ordered a few days ago from Recycline. I got the Preserve toothbrush, 4 of them to keep me going for a while. I also got a 4 pack of two blade razors that come in some fun colours. Not only are these products made of post consumer recycled plastic, primarily from Stonyfield Farms yogurt cups, but the handles are #5 plastic, and recyclable in most cities. If it isn't recyclable in your city, you can send them back to Recycline and they will recycle them themselves. Then, to top it all off, they sent it in a package which was made entirely (from what I can see) paper and/or cardboard. So it's completely recyclable. Package perfect deal.


Veggie said...

Have you tried them yet?
I'm curious to find out what they're like.

Frugal Nut said...

Tried the razor for the first time today. It will take some getting used to due to the fact that I'm used to the swivel headed razors, but it works quite well. There is also only 2 blades, but it seems to work and my legs felt smooth afterwards regardless. Definitely recommended.