Catch up!

So, admittedly, it has been a very long time since I've updated, and I do apologize for that. Profusely. I hope to try to get back into updating at least once a week, and hopefully some of my viewers will return.

Anyways, a quick update. I have basically done a complete 180 in my personal life, and am much better for it. I have a new significant other who actually supports my personal beliefs, and enjoys having meaningful conversations with me. I am no longer vegetarian, but I do eat limited amounts of meat. I am no longer the one who cooks, which is nice.

I am still working for the same company, even though I took a few breaks, I seem to always gravitate back to this place. Ah well, at least it's income.

As always, I am always looking to change myself to better the world, and I plan on continuing on this path.

Til next time,


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