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So, to go along with the information received from Kitchen Stewardship in regards to the Get The Junk Out Carnival! I decided to finally make the step towards getting the junk out... of my cleaning closet.

My chore, every week, at home is to clean the bathroom. Very important, it's used up to 20 times a day, so it's important to keep it clean and organized. Well, I had been sick last weekend, so it didn't get done. so this weekend, it was extra gunky. Time to try out a few new tricks! Instead of Mr. Clean (I know, terrible, but it was bought for me) for general cleaning and Comet for the bathtub, I used rubbing alcohol for the sink and cupboards. Cleaned off the toothpaste like nothing else, and gave it a nice clean feeling. Mixed around 50/50 with water, enough to smell the alcohol. Onwards to the shower, I wiped down the walls and ceiling with a little hydrogen peroxide on a facecloth, and the scum came right off, way easier than when I used the other crap.

You know what, why not use rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide? It's good for disinfecting wounds, why not surfaces? And not to mention about 10x cheaper, at least.

Last but certainly not least, the bathtub. Soap scum and dried on who-knows-what. A little baking soda, and a facecloth to scrub. Worked better than Comet, and I thought Comet was a godsend. Not only that, but baking soda also works as a deodorizer, so it works out very nicely. Follow up with a quick wipedown with either rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, and it's disinfected and sanitized as well.

Haven't done the toilet yet, that's for tomorrow. Got too busy organized all my art paraphernalia. But I'm sure the toilet will sparkle as much as the rest of the bathroom by the time I'm done with it.

Anyone else have any great natural, eco-friendly cleaning ideas or products? Please feel free to pass them on. Also, if anyone knows where to find rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide in something other than a plastic bottle, please let me know! Thanks!

Happy cleaning!

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