Follow up on natural cleaning products...

I realized the other day that my shampoo containers has this strange white crust on the edges that were touching the bathtub. I had thought I rinsed the tub well to get all the baking soda off, but I guess I didn't! The crust wiped right off, it was just a reminder to rinse better next time.

I also used hydrogen peroxide to clean the in- and outside of the toilet. The dust and animal fluff came off and stayed off, and the scum in the bowl wiped off easier than I have ever seen it before.

Anyone had any luck or failed attempts with other natural cleaning products?

Also, I need to call the Bulk Barn and Rainbow Foods to see if they'll let my bring my own containers for their bulk bins. Reminder to myself, will update here to let everyone that reads this know.

Much love


Anonymous said...

I tried making some cleaners using vinegar but I'm not liking the outcome. It's smell stings too much and it doesn't really clean that well as I thought it would, maybe I'm doing something wrong but for now I solved by adding to the mix some drops of Citra Solv which gave it a boost making it smell and work better.


Frugal Nut said...

Vinegar definitely does have a strong smell, I prefer that because at least I know that it's working (at least in my head). Hydrogen peroxide definitely doesn't have much of a smell at all, at it does the same thing. Never heard of Citra Solv, gotta do some research! :)