Merry Christmas and all that junk

It is that time of year (not that you can tell where I am, as I write this it is December 14th and the weather forecast is calling for temperatures of 10 degrees Celcius and -rain-... seriously?). The time where the tree is up, decorations are spread copiously around the house, and gifts are being wrapped.

Here's a compilation of all my Christmas/holiday season posts from the past... two or three years. I think it was mostly last year, but who's counting?

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And of course, my personal favourite:

Why I Will Not Support The Salvation Army - Wherein I vent about homophobia in charities (regardless of whether it is church-based or not) and where to find more accepting charities to share your money with.

That being said, I still love Christmas (regardless of the whole Jesus aspect), and I still believe in the spirit of Christmas. The joy of sharing and giving, and the pleasure of spending time with family, bonding over egg nog (or your preferred drink... mine being coffee), and making a mess in the front hall with all the slush and dirty snow from outside.

It's interesting to note that last year, not one of the four end of December holidays touched one another in terms of timing. This year, however, Hannukah touches all three of the others (Yule/Winter Solstice, Christmas, Kwanzaa). Go figure!

That being said, I did a terrible job of creating beautiful handmade gifts for anyone this year. As in... it just didn't happen. I'm a pro for procrastinating, that is for sure! On the other side, I did create handmade gift tags. They're super low-tech, but they get the job done! Maybe next year I'll get fancy... I suppose that would involve starting... now.

Any big plans for this winter? Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, or anything else, I hope it's a great one. Also, pray for snow. At least some... come on, this *IS* winter after all!

Much Christmas-y love,


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