Christmas tree is up!

Yes, we put up our Christmas tree. It is an artificial tree around 5 feet tall. It goes together easily and stashes away nicely the rest of the year. The cat thoroughly enjoys trying to climb it and attack us when hidden in the limbs. Unfortunately for her she is a large cat, and she's white. So she doesn't camouflage so well.

The lights are multicoloured and beautiful. Not to mention that they are LED's so on the off chance that they get left on, the hydro bill isn't going to skyrocket. For that I'm happy. Plus they are way less likely to burn out and leave half of the line of lights off. No stresss, no muss, no fuss.

Our decorations are primarily from the dollarstore, and made of plastic. The reason for this is, again the cat. Not to mention the dog (who likes to destroy things by accident) and the child who likes to touch things and tends to have slippery fingers. They will last a while, and that's important right now.

We also have some ornaments that the child made at daycare and school and she is very proud of those. They get placed front and centre on the tree every year, this year is no exception.

What does your Christmas look like?

Peace and serenity,

Simply Me


forestwalk/laura k said...

very cool!! sounds wonderful!! nice!!

this year... i did something i said i'd never do. we took the $$ we usually spend on a real xmas tree...and bought a smaller (4 1/2') artificial one. we told ourselves we'll save $$ in the long run. won't support the unnecessary cutting of trees. can leave the tree up longer. less decorations. down-sizing. anyway...we love our new tree.
the tree is the only place that still has the old fashioned lights. everywhere else around the house are LED's!!
merry merry!! :]

Simply Green said...

Saves money and trees, small price. At least the tree will last longer than most plastic these days! Thanks for dropping by, I hope your decorating is a blast!