Last night's Christmas concert

My daughter's Christmas concert at her daycare was last night. It was amazing. This is the third one she has been a part of, and the third one I have attended. She was so excited for this night to come for around two weeks!

First it opened up with all the kids (all 82 of them!) together and they sang Away in a Manger. It was well done, the kids had full arm movements, and they did a great job!

Next up was the toddlers, who didn't really seem overly interested in being there, most of them just stood there and stared. They ‘performed’ Jingle Bells, and by performed, I mean they were holding bells and shaking them while the daycare teachers sang the song. Much to be expected, it was probably all of those kids' first time being in front of all those people.

Preschoolers took the stage next, and they were a little bit more into it. They did a rewrite of The Wheels on the Bus that was attuned for Christmas time. There were a few who were really belting it out and grooving, and a couple that just stood there defiantly. Good on them all for getting up there and doing their thing.

Kindergarteners were up next, and pretty much all of them took part and participated. They did the Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas Song (I’m sure you know it!) and there was one other song but it is slipping my mind right now. This is where E was last year and this is where the little boy we babysit, Z, was this year.

Finally, the school-aged kids! The grade one kids did a rendition/rewrite of Jingle Bells that related to school (Ring the bells). It was very cute, and very well done. They all stood up there (including E!) and just sang their little hearts out. Next all of the school-aged kids (I believe the oldest is around 9 or 10) sang a version of the 12 Days of Christmas. It was from a kid’s perspective, so none of this partridge in a pear tree junk. It was a 'brand new game for my Wii' etcetera.

All in all it was a great time. E had a blast, and played with a bunch of her friends. A lot of the children were running around screaming, recklessly. It made me kind of sad that their parents didn't really care that they were disturbing other people. But E sat and ate nicely with her friends K and M and the other two girls (K and M) were fun to be with. M also decided I was a jungle gym, and literally climbed up onto my shoulders. Luckily she's only 3, so she wasn't that heavy. I was pretty impressed at her climbing skills!

It was a fun night, an eventful night, and good food was shared.

What happy Christmas memories have you created so far?

Peace and serenity,
Simply Me


Dmarie said...

working on that! Thx for sharing yours. Merry, Merry!!

Simply Green said...

There will be many more memories to come this year, and I look forward to reading what yours are! Merry Christmas! (P.s. your cookies looks delicious)