Computerlessness breeds innovation... or something

Well, as of today, I can say that I have been without home internet, or even a computer, for 2 weeks. The only time I get on the net is on my Wednesday job, where I man a desk. It was hard at first, being without my computer. You become accustomed to having it there, and it becomes part of your routine. I would spend 2-3 hours on the computer each day, and doing what? Mostly playing games on Facebook. Seems ridiculous now. In light of this, I am currently removing all games from Facebook.

Family Bonuses:
In these two weeks, however, I have been spending more face time with my daughter, and my fiancee. The television is sometimes on, but it's less attention sucking than the computer ever was. Emily (my daughter) has loved the extra attention she's been getting, and she is getting much more confident with reading to me. Mel has also been enjoying it. Since I have some measure of mood disorder, the computer was an easy way for me to subconsciously recede into my own mind. Since there's no computer, I am staying more alert and more "in the now" than ever.

Personal Bonuses:
I have also been spending more time focusing on my own personal artsy type projects. I actually managed to complete a card for my mother for mother's day, complete with little cutouts of a flower, and a heart. I also started a new knitting project, which I am hoping will turn out nicely. Emily has also taken a liking to this new attention focus, as just this morning she asked if I was going to do any knitting before taking her to daycare.

In Conclusion:
So, in my 15 odd years as an avid computer and internet addict, I can say with all honesty that I now know what life is like without a computer. And it's not that bad. I do still need my occasional touch with the e-universe, but it's not a daily necessity. I think that when the computer is back up and running, I will see it more as an asset than a personal need for day to day life. If this computerlessness remains, I will definitely need to dig out the old library card for some good old fashioned research using books. Hopefully it won't NEED to get to that point, but maybe a trip to the library would be a good idea.

Anyone else have any epiphanies while I've been offline? Let me know :)

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