Personal revisitation of yoga

The child, Emily, was home sick today, so I also stayed home from work. She has some sort of stomach flu, and it is likely due to the fact that she doesn't let herself sleep.

This aside, I took time today while she was sleeping to revisit yoga. I had tried it many years ago, and could not slow myself down enough to enjoy it. Now that I have matured and begun paying attention to the pace I live my life at, I am able to step back and enjoy this simple activity of self-actualization. I thoroughly enjoyed attuning myself with, well, myself.

I watched and participated in Intimate Yoga (which played on channel 20 at around 12:30pm on my Rogers cable). Then took a few hours to do other stuff, talk to Emily, do some crocheting. I then decided I wanted more. So I took out my age old VHS tape called "gentle yoga for beginners with Suzanne Deason"

Also gave me a chance to actually use my exercise mat, which has been sitting, rolled up, in the corner for a few months now.

I definitely recommend yoga to anyone who wants or needs to take time out of their day to reassess themselves and to realign their energy.

Yoga tapes and DVD's can be found cheap at secondhand stores, and at the library. There is also tonnes upon tonnes of yoga videos and tips online such as HERE or HERE. Of course, a simple Google search will help you find exactly what you're looking for.

How about you? Any of you already do yoga? Have some favourite types or preferred poses? Have questions about the different types? Let your thoughts out here.

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