Saturday Morning Fun!

So this morning we're babysitting Z, as we do every other Saturday. After breakfast, we decided it would be fun to finally get outside and play on those huge hills the snowplows created around the parking lot. It was a blast!

I actually threw on a pair of snowpants and got right in there, got a sweet workout and felt the burn let me tell you! Climbing to the top of the hill proved harder than I had originally thought, but it made it even more satisfying when the two kids would climb up and I would roll them back down the hill. They laughed so hard!

The two of them kept trying to knock me over to no avail, so M decided that it would be her job to take me down. She tied the dog to a tree, and then climbed up and tried to knock me over. I saw her coming though, so I braced myself and grabbed her as the got to the top, and brought her down with me! Success!

All in all, what a blast! It was so much fun, and man am I tired! We're planning on going out again after lunchtime, to toboggan this time, and I can't wait.

Have you done anything outside yet this weekend?  What are you waiting for?

Peace and serenity,



Robj98168 said...

Oh would you grow up????

Actually sounds like fun.
as for me I gotta be a grown up and work :(

Laura Kaeding said...

Hahaha, being grown up is for the weekdays, weekends are playtime :) Take some time to yourself, it makes all the difference!