Update on coconut oil

So I wrote a review of coconut oil a while back, this great product that I got for decently cheap in a beautiful glass container. It is still working wonders for me, and I would love to share the ways how.

Firstly, it is a fantastic moisturizer for my lips. I still use lip balm, but only because I have a few sticks that M doesn't like. When my lips are actually irritated, I reach for the coconut oil and slather it on. It feels way more natural on my lips, and it's almost invisible that I have anything on my lips at all!

Second, great skin moisturizer. The winter has been wreaking havoc on my normally nice and smooth skin. Havoc I tell you! This year has been the worst for it so far, oddly enough, possibly due to me taking out so many unnatural products from my beauty regime. So instead of using those, when I'm in the shower I grab a small dab of coconut oil and rub it all over wherever has been the dryest (most itchy) and the surrounding areas. Typically it's my legs and my arms, and sometimes my face and neck. I keep rubbing it in while the shower is running, the heat helps it absorb into my skin more efficiently. Then, voila! Soft silky skin right out of the shower. When I do this, I also try not to rub my skin with the towel so I don't rub off any of the oil or anything.

Finally, because of how great it is at moisturizing skin, it is a great injury cream. I rub it on my feet when they have blisters or irritation. I rub it on the edge of my scalp (by the hairline) when my dry scalp irritates me. I put it on my eyebrows if they're irritated after plucking. The list goes on. As long as it's not a heat injury (because oil will cause your skin to retain the heat, worsening the injury) I slather on some coconut oil and rub it in good. Even burns, once the actual heat has gone away (usually the next day) I will start putting coconut oil on it. I will confess, I don't know the science of why it works, but if I had to guess it would go something like this: The skin is kept soft and moist using a natural product that does not irritate the cells, speeding up the healing process and laying the groundwork for effective white blood cell movement.

Like I said, this stuff is amazing. Not to mention that a little goes a long long way. When this jar runs out, you better believe that I will be buying a new one!

Anyone use a simple natural product in their health or beauty regime? Let me know!

Peace and serenity,


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