Fresh air is good for your energy

No matter what season it is, it is important to get fresh air everyday. It will give you energy. It contains less re-cycled air. Re-cycling air is not a good thing for you, unless you have trees that are growing in your air circulation system, as it simply leaves the carbon dioxide in the air which lowers the amount of oxygen that is circulating.

Going outside gives you that immediate rush of fresh oxygen which will also help wake you up if you are feeling a slight drag in energy level. It's hard to stay motivated and awake when you are surrounded by fluorescent lights and old air. So if you feel yourself starting to fade in energy and liveliness, take a step outside and breathe deeply.

If you work in a densely populated area, such as downtown, it may seem counterproductive as the air is not as clean as it would be in the suburbs or somewhere surrounded by trees. It is still very effective and helpful to give yourself a quick perk in the middle of your day. If this is the case, and you feel that it isn't giving you the longer effects that you get from elsewhere, just make sure that you get some fresh air when you are back in the less populated area of your city.

Getting active while you're outside also helps, because it increases the amount of fresh oxygen that is being circulated through your blood. Exercise already boosts your mood and energy level, so kicking that up a notch with some fresh air will only make it pack a more powerful punch.

There is always time to go outside for a few moments. If you are watching TV and don't want to miss your show, just wait for the commercial. No one enjoys watching the commercials anyways, so take opportunity of the break to take a step outside and jog or walk around your yard. If you are on the computer just take an extra break when you go to the bathroom (for example) and step outside afterwards for a quick pick-me-up.

The positive effects on your body and energy level outweigh the few moments that it takes to get the air, so take a step for your own health. Each day, try to get outside at least twice for at least 30-60 seconds. You can always increase that amount, so don't worry if you think it's too short a time. Fit it into your schedule wherever you feel like it, and don't let yourself make excuses. It can make all the difference in your work day and keep a smile on your face.

Peace and serenity,

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