Camping weekend! Yay! I think...

So turns out I get to go camping this weekend! In a tent! I'm excited, but scared at the same time. I have this gigantic, irrational, ridiculous fear of creepy crawly creatures with more than 4 legs. I have come to accept, ants, butterflies, and ladybugs. The rest of them cause my skin to crawl. Almost literally.

So hopefully I can keep my squeamishness down to a dull roar and get to enjoy the weekend. No windows or screens to keep me safe, just a tent and a butt load of blankets. I may end up being a big butch camper by the end of this, or I'll end up hiding in the tent the whole time with my eyes closed. Time will tell.

The thing is, I love the outdoors, I love fresh air, trees, walking around barefoot. I'm just a big sissy about bugs. I also don't use bug spray, since that pretty much only keeps mosquitoes away, and mosquitoes are not what I'm afraid of.

I'll be bringing books, my current knitting project, food (not sure exactly what yet, since I haven't been camping since summer camp and at camp you don't need to bring food!), maybe some playing cards. Other than that, hoping that I will be able to venture outside of the tent and explore a little bit.

Long pants and shirts are a must-have for any squeamish hiker, as I hate the feel of bugs and spider webs on my skin. You want to see my skin crawl, watch me when I accidentally touch a spider web. Hahah, so not funny.

Anyways, so I'll be back Monday around lunchtime and hopefully will have good things to share! Maybe even some pictures! Yay!

Enjoy your weekend, lovelies who pass by here, and know that I will return.

Lots of fun and enjoyment,


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