My camping experience

So, like I said, I hadn't been camping in somewhere around 10 years. But this weekend was AMAZING! I loved it, the freedom, the fresh air, the lack of time constraints. It was just wonderful.

Now, for my first picture heavy post, here are some shots of the drive up to the campsite:

Driving in the countryside
It's so  beautiful
On both sides :)
Believe it or not, we're going around 80-90kph, and this is with a camera phone
As you can see by the occasionally blurry spots
But some are super clear :)
So much green! Love it!

And some shots of the campsite and the river, which had some GORGEOUS rapids right next to our site. It was fantastic:

Red flowers by the river
Purple flowers on rocks in the middle of the river
Red flowers on the other side of the river
The tiny silver speck on that rock is a pretty little dragonfly, who (with his many kin) kept me mostly safe from those evil deerflies :)
One of the many frogs I saw
Just chillin in the river, keeping an eye
One of the rapids, with a little bit of sea foam
More purple flowers, so pretty
Decent shot of the rapids
Closer shot of the rapids
Looking down the river from the middle of the rocks
Sitting in these rapids was like sitting in a jacuzzi that only blows one way, soo cool
Calm river shot as the sun begins to set
Shot down the other way from the rapids as the sun sets

And our glorious campfire that kept us warm and relatively bug free, unfortunately these shots are all after the sun has set, so they don't quite embody the awesome that was the fire:

All in all, had a fantastic time, swimming in the lake, up and down the river. I can't wait to do it again!


forestwalk/laura k said...

hi there!! you left me a message on my i thought i'd drop by and see what you're up to!! i love camping too...and taking pic's...i love the little frog, the water...foam...rapids...very cool! and i bet it IS cooler up there than here in HOT HOT florida! ugh! i'll be back to read more!! thanks!! :) laura

Simply Green said...

Laura to Laura here, loving it :) Not bad photography for a junky little cellphone camera, silly me forgot to bring my real camera :) Can't wait to see your new photos :)