Wednesday's small step: New pastimes

Passing the time, beating boredom, is one of the easiest ways to fall into a trap. A trap where you feel like all you can do is sit on the couch, watch garbage TV, and eat junk food. You fall into the cycle, because you're tired, because you're lazy, but you're also bored.

One thing I've found, boredom can be beaten with minimal effort. Television, computer, or any type of technology is, is not needed for breaking through inertia. All you need to do is think a little bit outside of the box. Remember things that you liked doing when you were younger.

Me, personally, I love being artsy, being creative, and spending time outside. So my 'new' pastimes include knitting (right now, working on a curly scarf kind of like this one) or crocheting (which I'm not so good at, haha). I also enjoy thinking of new ways to use things that I have around the house. Such as a ripped pillowcase. Which I still haven't actually decided what I'm doing with yet, but I'm working on it.

And, on my weekends, when I have all day to do (pretty much) whatever I want, I love to do this. With my closest beach a 10 minute drive away, it's a great way to spend the day, and my daughter loves to swim. The water may not be the cleanest (we tend to get no-swim advisories every other week) but that's what showers were made for. And soap. So we go anyways. Still haven't caught E.coli, so I think we're good.

I also read. Fantasy, murder mystery, romance, non-fiction, anything you put in front of me, I'll read it.

What kinds of things do you do to disconnect yourself from technology, and from boredom, when the TV is calling your name?

Do you try to change it up, and be creative, or do you have tried and true pastimes that have stayed through the years?

I love Microsoft Paint! My first handmade blog photo :)
Peace and serenity,

Simply Me

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Marie said...

I don't think I've ever been bored. Like you I love to read and always make sure there is a stack waiting. Not a big TV watcher. My ex would have it on all the time, even when she wasn't watching.

Simply Green said...

I just acquired a new series from my uncle-in-law, called The Wheel Of Time, by Robert Jordan. So far so good! Keeps me occupied while engaging the mind :). I don't understand how people can just leave the TV on and not watch it, lol, if it's on, I'm glued to it.