Random acts of kindness

What is the simplest way to brighten someone’s day, along with your own? Do something nice for a stranger. Or a friend. Or even the cashier at the grocery store or fast food restaurant that you frequent.

Complete a random act of kindness. These acts, contrary to popular belief, do not require the use of copious amounts of cash, if any. They can be as simple as helping someone carry their bag/books, opening the door for the person walking behind you, or sharing some homemade cookies/treats.

Nothing says ‘I think you’re important’ like a homemade cookie. Bring in an extra dozen and share them with your coworkers.

There isn’t much nicer to me when I’m walking through a building and someone who is going through the door stops and holds it open for me. They don’t know me, they have no real reason to do so, but they do it anyways. Random act of kindness.

To those who receive a random act of kindness, always always always say thank you! It is incredibly rude to not voice appreciation when someone does something nice for you. Whether you asked for it or not is irrelevant, spread the good cheer and thank them.

Maybe you’ll even pay it forward! Spread the joy from one person to the next by passing on good deeds to those around you.

Smile at strangers.

If someone drops something, on the sidewalk, bus, road, in a car, etc, tell them. You could even pick it up and hand it to them.

Let others know when they have dirt/food/newspaper smudges/lipstick on their face/teeth, because chances are they don’t know about it!

Think of things that you would like others to do for you, and start doing them for others! Positivity starts within, and so does kindness.

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