5 tips for easy relaxation

With the holidays having just passed us, and a large many people feeling the effects of stress and frustration, it’s time to share a few tips on how to relax. Stress can easily take its toll on the body, causing a deterioration of both body and mind. Fight the effects of stress with these easy tips:
  1. Take a breath. A deep breath. Now exhale. Deep breathing is one of the easiest and most effective ways to convince your body to release any stress. When you breathe into you abdomen and allow the air to fill you up, you are maximizing oxygen. It is also possible to practice deep breathing anywhere and anytime.
  2. Give yourself five minutes to do whatever you want. Read a page in a book, wash your face, or take a quick walk around your house/neighbourhood to stretch your legs. Just as long as it’s something for yourself.
  3. Drink something warm and non-caffeinated and enjoy the flavour. Enjoy the warmth and relaxation of the steam as it wafts into your face as you take each sip. Drinking a warm, soothing drink forces you to take your time and enjoy what you are ingesting, and taking your time will allow you time to release your thoughts.
  4. Turn on your favourite song and just sit and listen to it. Remember why you like this song, and think about what memories it brings back to you. Music has the ability to impress its energy upon us, so if you are trying to relax try to choose a calmer more relaxing song instead of a more upbeat one.
  5. Do something physical, get your blood moving. It will release endorphins, which will relax you from the chemical side. This can be a way to release and let go of stress or anger without inflicting it onto anyone else. This works particularly well if you do it outside, as the fresh air has a rejuvenating sensation and the sunlight can assist in resetting priorities. 
By taking the time to accept that you are stressed, and taking the steps to soothe your mind, you are taking control of your own life. Try to do at least one relaxing thing per day, and you will notice the benefits.

What do you do to relax, either at the start, middle, or end of your day?

Peace and serenity,

Simply Me

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