Welcome back!

I trust you all had a great holiday, and a festive Christmas? I'm going back to work tomorrow after a wonderful four and a half day weekend. I've also been sleeping way too much, but it's kind of a nice change.

As of tomorrow we'll be back to our regularly scheduled program, and I look forward to hearing what everyone plans to do for January and in the New Year! I may not be the best for New Year's Resolutions, but I think I'm going to try anyways. General goals, of course, something simple to start off with.

I spent most of Christmas with my parents, opening gifts, and sharing laughs. My daughter got a lot of very useful and fun things that I'm sure she will enjoy for a long time. She got a new pair of fuzzy slippers, which is great because our apartment is still freezing this year! Turns out, we don't even get to control the heat! So while they claim we're sitting at 20 degrees Celsius, my thermometer is telling me it's at 18, and that's at waist height. The floor is even colder.

What fun Christmas stories do you have to share? I look forward to hearing and reading all about them.

Peace and serenity,

Simply Me

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