Day 21 — Someone I judged by my first impression

I may come off as crass, or harsh, or prejudiced right about now, but in this day's topic (someone I judged by my first impression) I'm reading it as someone I judged wrongly by my first impression. Now, I do have someone for this, and I will get to the tweet on that very shortly.

I just want to get off my chest, and out there, that I am very good with first impressions. If I don't like you as a first impression, chances are there is a good reason for it. I have incredible intuition, and it has saved me from much misfortune through the years just by listening to my gut instinct of certain people.

When I come across someone that I instantly do not like, it's not their clothes, or their skin colour/religion/race/etc that puts me off. It's something non-verbal and not obviously visible. It'll be the way they stand, the way that they talk to others, their eyes. Eyes are very easily read, by someone paying attention, and they give me a lot of information. If I get the bad feeling from someone, I may still be friendly, I will certainly try to be, but there will be no trust and no reliability from them.

Every now and then, I'm wrong, and it will change within a day if I realize that it was a mis-reading.

So, with that off my chest, onwards:

@NewGuyAtWork The first second I saw you, I took you for a dumb Neanderthal high school kid who didn't give a shit. I'm sorry. You're awesome. <3

This person never knew that there was a moment that I didn't like him. Or that I dreaded the thought of having to train him. One hour of sitting with him, chatting, and everything changed. Now we are friends, and I don't regret it. Always good to see that first impressions are not always right.

Love, openness, and peace,

Simply Me

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