Where to start? Any ideas?

So, in case no one has noticed, I love writing. I love expressing myself, and I love writing down and inventing new ideas. I haven't actually written a short story or a chapter since my ex (expletive) decided to erase my personal folder off the computer approximately 2 and a half years ago, deleting 3 short storys, about 100 poems, and a long novel type story that I had been working on for about 5-6 years.

Now, I'm feeling the writing bug infestation coming back, but I'm stuck with a where. Where do I start? I can't go back to my old style of writing, because I have changed too much. I am happy, and so I can't write the depressing, somber, mopey poems of olde. I have my days where I feel like crying all day, and laying in bed staring at the ceiling. But they are much more infrequent.

So where do I start? I have no ideas, no specific inspiration. I need someone to slap me (figuratively) with an idea. I need a muse, and I need one now!

Love stories get old, and that's most of what I can think of, so if any one of you who passes along here, please leave even just a random sentence (as nonsensical as you'd like!) and it will be used to try to inspire this bug.

Thanks to anyone who leaves a note, if you do, I will personally send you whatever I write with the inspiration you have given me.

Love and serenity,

Simply Me


forestwalk/laura k said...

hmmmm...my suggestion...with paper and pen...go someplace special...someplace that inspires you...and start to write down all the words that come to mind...your feelings...thoughts...
will start to flow...

Simply Green said...

I would so love to... I love going out and relaxing... My life as it is, there's no space for that. I started to write something. Maybe a short story, not sure how it will work out yet. But thank you for your ideas, they did help :)