Day 28 — someone that changed your life

Well, it must get frustrating to keep hearing this, but I'm sorry I've been so neglectful! Starting a new job proved to be more overwhelming than I had bargained for, and now I think I've got it pretty well good for now.

So, I'm going to try (again!) to finish this 30 days (which is taking close to 2 months!) tweeting challenge!

Someone that changed my life. I'm going to try to go back into earlier life memories and pick someone from that approximate time period.

@Alexine We were friends for years til you dumped me to become popular. I know now sometimes things change for noreason. I'm still mad about it tho

Yes, I know, I'm lame for holding on to grudges. Not like this happened in the 8th grade or anything. Anyways, it hurt, and it still does. She just randomly up and stopped talking to me. Sigh.

Ah well, that's life, right? It certainly changed my life, having had something like that happen. I never was a part of the in-crowd, so maybe that's why the hurt dug a little deeper.

Peace and serenity,

Simply Me


Anonymous said...

Learning that there are people who will leave you to better their own status somehow is a rather major life event. I don't think that's holding a grudge at all, but marking another notch in the growing up belt.

The in crowd is a very stagnant sort of place. You're better off outside of it where there is room to grow and change. ;)

Simply Green said...

It is a pretty big thing, I'm hoping I'm not the only one who experienced that. Maybe one of the few with such a harsh reaction, but that's me.

I am definitely glad that I was never really a part of the in crowd. Not to say that I didn't know people in it, or that I avoided them. But I felt free-er once I got to high school to know that it didn't matter to me.