Day 18 of 30: The person I wish I could be... Also: I'm back!!

So, slowly settling into married life. Shockingly, it's not so different from unmarried, living together life. Kind of like you don't really feel different on your birthday than you did before, but you know that there is something that changed.

Lots of pictures were taken, now I just have to sift through them and pick my favourites.

Here's a quickie for ya though, just a sneak-peak.

My wife's face is blurred to keep her identity, don't take it personally.


Day 18 of the tweeting challenge, which was put on hold, is now back in business.

So, day 18... The person I wish I could be...

@P!nk You are so powerful and influential. I love your no-nonsense views and attitudes.

Simply Me


theTsaritsa said...

I love P!nk, too! Cute pic, you look really happy :)

Simply Green said...

Thanks, that's only one of like 1000 :)

forestwalk/laura k said...

that's a good thing that the 'paper' hasn't changed anything!
keep smiling...both of you...

Simply Green said...

Thanks :) smiling is a favourite pastime of mine :)