Day 24 — The person that gave me my favorite memory AND energy news

Well, favourite memory... This is going to get repetitive!! My favourite memory is of my wedding day! Haha, how lame am I, it was just 3 weeks ago (TODAY!! lol) and it's still my favourite, of all others.

Anywho, the person who gave me my favourite memory, obviously, would be my wife.

Yes, again. I know, she comes up a lot. Well, she is important!! Hehe

@WifeyLove You gave me the best day I ever could have asked for, and not only was it perfect... it was perfect! Love you forever and always

Anyways, enough sappy crap, you must be getting tired of this.

I have other news. Since our current provincial government is changing the rates and system for hydro and gas billing (as in, based on peak hours, not a flat rate of an average for the day) we were visited by the JustEnergy fairy, and got to sign a contract to keep a flat rate billing system.

The upside to this, aside from having a flat rate, is that I got the option to choose whether my energy was sourced from "brown" energy sources (oil, coal, etc), 60% green energy, or 100% green energy (for a slight increase in rate). Not only did I pick 100% (of course) but the location of the energy farms (wind, water, solar) is all in Canada! How awesome. Local energy, hehe. Not sure if that's normal, but I was happy about it.

So that's my ramble, maybe not so exciting but I felt like sharing it nonetheless.

Peace and serenity,

Simply Me


theTsaritsa said...

I found that the challenge was starting to get a little repetitive, so I'm backing off from it for now.

Kate Weber said...

How sweet is that. So cute!

Simply Green said...

@Kate thanks! We get told we're nauseating sometimes, haha. Thanks for coming by :)

@theTsaritsa Ya it seems repetitive, but I'm so close to finishing, I may as well just do it haha. Hopefully it doesn't get too boring! I'll try to spice it up a little. I'm pretty antisocial though, so we'll see how it goes.