Day 25 — The person I know that is going through the worst of times

Well here we go, this is a little bit more interesting. This will bring a new person into the mix, haha.

Maybe some of you readers have noticed, but I don't know a lot of people.  I'm very sociable, but very antisocial at the same time. I have no problem making friends, the trouble lies in keeping friends. I have a hard time trusting people, so they tend to get bored of me and go on their way. Which just reinforces my issue. Catch 22.

I've been trying to stretch out a little, let people in a little bit at a time. It's hard! I never would have imagined.

Anyways, the person I know who is going through the worst of times... Well, I don't know about the worst of times, this isn't the French Revolution. Hehe, pun.

But someone I know going through a tough time, that would be a close friend. Who will also remain anonymous (obviously). He is going through a lot and seems to have a hard time coping with the things life throws at him.

So, FP, this tweet's for you!

@FP You have more strength than you know, just keep positive and things will change. Remember that you have many people who love you, myself included.

So there. That blurb can apply to many people. Anyone who is having a hard time, just remember that things change. Things always change. So keep positive, and just ride it out. You'll see, it'll get better.

Love and happiness,

Simply Me

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