Day 22 — Someone I want to give a second chance to

Wow, 8 days left. Or 8 tweets, since I'm getting really bad at posting every day.

I'm thinking that wanting to give a second chance to is probably someone that doesn't deserve it. I don't know anyone that I haven't given a second chance to that deserved it. I like to be fair, but I don't like to get screwed. It's not a preferred pastime of mine. It has happened too much in my life, and I do not and will not let it happen anymore.

On the other hand, maybe someone I'd like to give a second chance to can be someone that deserved a second chance, but that I don't speak to anymore (for whatever reason).

That makes it a little bit easier, since at least they would deserve the second chance, and I may be able to give it to them, if ever they happened upon this blog.

@Kelly I talk to your sister more than you. I try to get a hold of you and nothing. We were friends so long, and now you bail on my wedding and say nothing. What is going on?

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