Day 29 - Someone I want to tell everything to, but am too afraid to

Wow. Deep subject this one. Someone I want to tell all to, but am afraid to.
I think no matter who I pick, there is always going to be someone that I want to share everything to, but am too afraid. I don't like sharing everything, even when I want to, I don't really want to. I like keeping things to myself for the most part. I like the freedom that it has when I am feeling something but I'm the only one that knows it. It also makes it easier to explain some things to people, because you'll know that they have very limited background information.
So, I guess, without further ado:

@Bzilla Everything is so complicated with you two right now. Why can't you just suck it up and talk to each other?? I can't help you otherwise.

Dramatic people can't do anything for themselves, but they get mad if you try to help. Go figure.

Patience and peace,

Simply Me

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