Wednesday's Small Step: Get your hands dirty!

Take a relaxing step back and let your hands get dirty. Play in mud. Don't run from germs, embrace them!

Stop worrying that germs are going to attack you and devour your immune system! It's not going to happen! So put down that bottle of hand sanitizer, rub some coconut oil (or whichever moisturizer you prefer) on your hands, and do something fun!

When you spend your time constantly worrying about how sanitized a surface is before you touch, or even after you touch it, you are wasting valuable brain space. Give it a wipe with a damp cloth if there is some debris and it will be clean enough. There are so many more things you can do if you relax your fears about bacteria.

Alcohol based sanitizers kill germs, sure... but they kill the beneficial bacteria just as often as the malignant bacteria. The down side? Malignant bacteria grows back faster. Then your body will have no helpful bacteria to assist in fighting off the bad bacteria, and you are more likely to get sicker than you would have otherwise.

So help your immune system, make your body stronger, and stop compulsively cleaning your hands and wiping your surfaces. You won't get sick from that, you'll get sick from someone coughing on you.

Instead of worrying about sanitation, worry about cleanliness. Think about keeping your things organized and tidy, and they won't have much chance to get dirty. Dust them periodically if they are items that stay in one place. Use your extra time to think about what you'd like to do with your life, come up with a plan or idea for sometihng that is important to you.

Enjoy the relaxing feeling of not stressing about germs. Germs are good for you, they make your body do it's job. So let it do what it was made to do, and relax. Your body will appreciate it.

Peace and serenity,

Simply Me

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