Finding inspiration

What inspires you? For me, it can be reading articles, or just sitting outside.

Lately, I'm having a hard time finding inspiration. Maybe because of some stress and frustration at home, but it's becoming harder to focus on creation.

I find myself reading a lot of articles and working towards expanding my knowledge, and yet at the same time I have difficulty putting my thoughts into words. I can't really even consider it writer's block, because it's happening in general conversation as well.

Listening is a skill that has always come easily for me. The ability to listen without interrupting, and hear more than just the words being said, but the meaning and intonation beneath them as well is a skill that I've discovered many people don't possess. In light of this, I try and spread it further, and expand my understanding level.

I enjoy listening to people, hearing them talk about things that they find important. Sometimes I have a hard time because a person's beliefs or thoughts are different from my own, but I remind myself that each person has their own perspective. Your perspective on any given subject will likely be at least minutely different from mine, and at most completely opposite, and that's okay.
But finding the words to express the feelings and thoughts inside my own mind has always been a struggle, and lately I have been trying to break out of my shell somewhat and express myself. Only the words in my vocabulary just don't quite express the meaning I'm trying to share.

Perhaps my emotions are far to different, or perhaps most people just use words that are "close enough" to how they feel. I'm not sure, but I'd like to find out.
To find within myself the feelings that I have, I try to focus and relax. I tend to fight against feelings, particularly negative ones, and in doing that I restrict my ability to feel emotions fully. My mind will automatically shut off and void out any emotions that I would guard against, and so I find it very difficult to break out of that.
I have been writing down thoughts when I feel them, but it's not a regular thing. I definitely recommend it, because it helps to discover the feeling as it happens, instead of trying to remember it. You might find yourself with a whole new perspective on your own emotions, which may help you to understand yourself. Finding your true emotions is essential when trying to determine your purpose, and that's what I am trying to do.
Follow me on this road, and let me know what thoughts you have. Share with me, and I will share back. Relationships are built based on truth and openness, so here is my statement of openness. Give love, and receive love in return. Life is a wonderful experience, so go out and experience it. Find your inspiration, and follow it. Challenge your walls and restrictions, and push through.
Peace and serenity,
Simply Me

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