Compassionate Parenting: Right vs Wrong vs Who cares?

You are the editor of your thoughts.
Are you choosing thoughts about who is right and who is wrong and spending valuable time and energy analyzing, judging, blaming and criticizing?

This week, focus on you and your child's needs. With this refocus, you can spend your valuable time and energy finding creative strategies to meet those needs.
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Can this be used when dealing with any day-to-day interpersonal situation? Absolutely.

Who among us can say that we don't have an underlying, pervasive need to be right? I will openly confess it right now, I often feel that I'm right when discussing pretty much anything, and will sometimes verbally argue with others who I feel are wrong.

But are others truly wrong? Just because I am right, does not automatically make them wrong. There are as many perspectives on a situation as there are people involved or observing the same situation.

So when you find your own defenses firing and the need to fight, take a small breath and try to see it from another perspective. There is almost always a happy medium, and attempting to force your own way can be like trying to move a mountain with your bare hands.

Don't waste your time judging or critisizing when you could be working together towards a peaceful resolution that keeps all parties happy.

You can make that happen. You can change any situation you're put into towards a positive and helpful resolution. All you have to do is try.

Peace and serenity,

Simply Me

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