Monday Musing: Crutch or Reason?

I really appreciate all the input I got for my emotional expression the other day, it's nice to know that there are others out there that experience issues that are beyond their control. I always know that there are others out there with problems coping, but it's nice to actually hear from you (Here's looking at you Denise!)

My thoughts today have to do with sharing your mental instabilities (whatever they may be) with those around you. I find that sometimes when people find out that I have trouble controlling my emotions and keeping them under control and logical, that they tend to start thinking that I'm less of a mature adult, and more someone who needs to be treated like a kid who doesn't know what life is really like.

If I'm not enjoying shopping one day, it might be because my mood is a little bit off centre, or it might be because I'm just tired and don't feel like shopping. Or what we're looking at isn't interesting to me. To say "oh, if you're just going to be moody, then what's the point?" just makes me feel like a complete nincompoop. Not to mention that it's really harsh.

To look at me when I might look sad or depressed, maybe it is a swing in the mood that came up for no reason, or maybe it's because I had a crappy day. Maybe it's even because your general tone of voice is really harsh and hurting my feelings. I have feelings, and I'm proud of it, and I don't like it when people treat me like I'm some kind of zombie just because I tend to have mood swings. It's biased, prejudiced, and effing rude. (Pardon my language)

So when someone you know has trouble coping, or has some mood disorder (whether it's diagnosed or not) or maybe is just having a bad day, try looking at it from their perspective instead of just thinking that they're being an inconvenience. Because when you have compassion for those around you, they are way more likely to believe that you are sincere when you ask them what's wrong, and maybe talking to you will help break them out of whatever funk they're in.

Think globally. Even a simple smile can change someone's day, imagine what a whole tone of voice can do.

Peace and serenity,

Simply Me

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forestwalk/laura k said...

...i think those people who look at you weird for being moody...are people that don't want to take the time to understand. no compassion. selfish maybe?

if someone thinks you are less of an adult for not being able to always keep your emotions under control...then they do not understand the human mind. or they just don't want to. THEY are the ones that don't understand LIFE.

i get depressed. on and off...up and down...ESPECIALLY this time of year. some days i have to FORCE myself to get up and go to work. and i do. i've gotten good at 'faking it' around people.

BUT...what works for to go off for a little myself...outside...fresh air. kind of meditating on everything...things that may be getting me down are things i cannot change. i have to realize that...again and again...

anyway...don't bother with those people that have no understanding of what you're going through...what you're feeling. if you KNOW these people...if they're part of your life...then just stay away when the moodiness comes certainly don't need to be around people like that...esp when what you need is some understanding...

think of YOURSELF!! and DO what makes YOU feel good! :] and stay away from those that tend to bring you down farther...

Simply Green said...

Thank you so much for your in depth and heartfelt comments. I have a hard time because it's often those that I hold close to myself that end up being the most hurtful. Those who I don't really know very well have a harder time hurting me because I don't let them in.

This time of year is definitely the hardest, trying to force yourself to get up out of bed when there is no happy sunshine or birds singing.

I'm trying to focus on me, but sometimes I find it so hard. I really appreciate all your words, they mean a lot to me. Thank you again.