Adopting Simplicity: Enjoy Silence

Silence is peaceful to those who know how to make the best of it. It soothes the mind and calms the thoughts. It is a form of meditation in itself, without having to meditate. It can also be scary if you are accustomed to constantly having some noise in the background.

When you embrace silence, even if only for a few moments, your breathing will begin to slow on its own and you will feel a sense of relaxation. Do not resist this, it is your mind’s way of bringing your consciousness to homeostasis. You will be able to feel and experience thoughts and emotions, but they will not affect you as negatively as they would if you did not allow yourself some silence.

Embracing silence and lowering stress

Embracing silence goes along with taking time for yourself. Allowing yourself even a few sparse moments to relax and breathe among the hectic and chaotic world around you can bring you a sense of freedom and flexibility. You will be less tied down by stresses because you will have the ability to let it slide off of you. This is key to enjoying life and adopting simplicity.

Enjoy silence and life simply

Silence and simple living go hand in hand. Simplifying life brings you external calm, so that your surroundings and belongings portray a less busy and less stressful environment because there are not things everywhere. There will be things that are important to you, things that add real value to your life and your mind. Less excess and overload results in less stress. Silence brings you internal calm. It is a peaceful meadow where your thoughts can roam freely without constraint or fear. When you embrace this, you embrace the truth that is life.

Baby stepping your way to embracing silence

If you are used to rushing around and having constant background noise, it will be very difficult to embrace silence at first. Don’t try to just jump into it, because that leads to the overwhelming feelings that we all know and hate. Start simple and ease yourself into it. An easy start is to take five minutes each day where you sit or work or relax in complete silence. No TV or music in the background, just silence. Enjoy it, allow your thoughts to roam where they choose. Set a timer so that you don’t go too far all at once.

Try it for a week and see how your thoughts react. You will very likely find that your thoughts are clearer, you feel less stress, and you have more time to enjoy things that you want to do. Just give it a try, there really is nothing to lose.

Peace and serenity,

Simply Me

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