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Time for another link share! Here are some links I've come across in the past few weeks that really struck me as interesting. It's hard to narrow it down, because I find a lot of good sites, but I'm trying not to double up too much on the same hosts.

Homemade Disinfecting Wipes - The handiness of quick cleaning wipes in a more environmentally friendly aspect. Making your own takes little time, and will even save you money!

Are your germs pink, or blue? - Gender stereotyping beyond the normal realm. Kids only take on the limitations that we give them, so placing them in a box even in terms of illness is quite sad.

Hidden BPA... On money? - Is there anywhere this pervasive and hurtful chemical can't end up?

Boiling Frogs - An appropriate analogy. Frogs will not jump away or fight or do anything if they are boiled softly and slowly. Isn't that what we're doing to the earth? New look on climate change.

If you enjoyed these pages, please leave them a comment, I'm sure they would appreciate to hear your feedback! As always, I enjoy receiving your feedback as well. Webpage statistics are one thing, but real people responding is something completely different.

Got any links you think I'd find interesting, or that you'd like me to share? Let me know.

Peace and serenity,

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