Compassionate Parenting: Receiving Gifts

For children to become givers they need to practice developing their giving skills; which means parents (and other adults) need to practice receiving.

At least once a day this week, acknowledge a gift your child is trying to give and receive it with genuine gratitude.

Receiving gifts can be a challenge for those who are under the impression that they have to earn everything that they have. This is not fact. Life and compassion depend on the exchange of gifts on occasion, both for interpersonal connections as well as personal feelings of self-worth.

Consider: if no one ever gave you anything as a gift, and you had to work your butt off for everything in your life, how would you feel when those around you are receiving gifts from those around them? Chances are, you would feel anger, resentment, frustration, and you would start to wonder why you did not receive anything. It is a normal response.

So accepting gifts, even if you don't believe you deserve them, is a good idea. Because chances are that you do deserve it. You go through life, you work hard towards your goals in life, you provide your family and children what you can, and therefore you do deserve a little treat every now and then.

Teaching your children and others around you, that giving gifts is a good thing for society and cooperation, you will need to show them both how to accept gifts graciously and how to give gifts properly.

Accepting gifts with a proper attitude can make all the difference in how others will perceive you. So if you receive a gift and look at it in dismay, the giver is likely to think you ungrateful for a gift that they put time and effort into. Even if the gift is not what you expected, you should always make sure that the giver is aware that you appreciate the thought they put into you and the fact that they did consider you in their personal lives.

By teaching through actions how to receive gifts, you show your child in a way that words could never describe. When your child gives you a gift, even if it is a drawing that you consider to be terrible, be grateful and show gratitude towards them for considering you for such a gift, particularly if it is something that was made by them. This skill is a challenge sometimes, but it can make all the difference in how they learn to accept gifts from others.

Learning and teaching through actions will also teach those around you that actions DO speak louder than words, and they will begin to learn and consider their own actions and how it reflects their words.

Peace and serenity,


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