Potential homemade deodorant recipe!

I found a super easy and simple recipe for homemade deodorant, and I am looking forward to trying it out. I have all three ingredients that are needed, so all I need now is some patience to actually do it. This recipe calls for baking soda, coconut oil and cornstarch, and apparently ends up the consistency of store bought deodorant.

By the sounds of it, based on the ingredients, this deodorant will not only make me smell less because of the baking soda (always a plus!) but it will also moisturize the skin in my under arms from the coconut oil, and be less irritating thanks to the corn starch.

My under arms are rather irritated right now, as I’ve been using just straight baking soda as deodorant. It keeps the stench away for most of the day, but I find that the skin is quite red and irritated.

The past few mornings, I put some coconut oil onto the skin of my armpits and rubbed it in before applying the baking soda. The irritation was cut significantly, so once I mix these together with corn starch into one product not only will it be way easier to apply (1 step instead of 2-3!) but it will save time. Plus coconut oil has a faint smell to it that I find quite appealing!

If you’re allergic to coconut (as one of my friends is) you could go with any natural oil that is solid at almost room temperature. Some examples include Shea butter and palm oil.

I will confess that this does not slow down the perspiration. You will still sweat. It just won’t stink, because the baking soda kills of the odor causing bacteria. If you find that the mixture isn’t strong enough to remove the odor, try adding a few drops of tea tree oil.

I plan on making this deodorant this weekend, and I will try it out for a few days or a week and let you know how it goes. If all goes well, I will share the exact recipe with you. I wouldn’t want to share it before I know for myself how effective it is.

Peace and serenity,

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Thanks for this helpful post :)

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Thanks for coming by! Always appreciate the feedback :)