Want a healthy glow, even in the winter?

There is a new study published December 24, 2010 that indicates that healthy looking skin can be influenced heavily by a nutrient found in colourful fruits and vegetables. Carotenoids are nutrients that are known for being found in carrots and are fantastic antioxidants.
Not only are they very effective antioxidants, but it turns out that they can give you a healthier looking skin tone, which many Caucasians (myself included!) suffer from a lack of in the winter. The lack of strong enough UV to produce a skin reaction and suntan causes many pale people (again, I’m as pale as you can get without having a pigmentation deficiency) to run to the drug stores to buy up some self-tanning lotion.

Instead of spending your money on these expensive and often non-functioning lotions, we can now opt instead to purchase colourful fruits and vegetables to give us a healthy glow that will go along with a healthier body.

A list of foods with carotenoids can be found at nutrientreference.com

The abstract of this study can be found at ehbonline.org.
Not only does this study show that carotenoids bring about a healthy glow in your skin, but it indicates that a large portion of individuals actually prefer the glow that comes from these nutrients as opposed to the glow from obtaining a suntan. Figure that out!

I can say that I will be keeping my eyes peeled for these foods more now that I had previously. Not only is it a healthy nutrient to consume, but it improves your skin tone. It doesn’t cost you anything extra aside from adding a little bit to your grocery bill, so that makes it a more believable source immediately.

So if you think your skin is looking a little bit pasty in the winter, take a trip to the grocery store and pick up some delicious fresh and colourful vegetables and fruit. Your skin will thank you, your digestive system will thank you, and your health in general will thank you!
(source: NaturalNews.com)

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