Wednesday's Small Steps: Go outside!

This week, despite the freezing temperatures and white fluffy snow, our step is to go outside! That’s right, outside; where the snow is (at least where I live!) and the wind and everything.

Why? Well, quite simply because it is beautiful and it is good for you. The fresh air is good for you and the cold air will help wake you up out of the demi-hibernation mode that just about every living thing goes into during the winter months.

The sunlight, despite the fact that the rays are not direct enough to cause a Vitamin D reaction in your skin, will make you feel better immediately. The crisp air will open your airways and fill your blood with fresh oxygen.

Taking this time for yourself will not only make you feel better, but it will help you to appreciate the world around you better. It will also help stave off cabin fever, which occurs in notoriously high amount during cold and miserable weather.

The time you spend outside doesn’t even have to be long. Five to ten minutes is what I would recommend as the minimum, longer is even better as long as you are dressed for the weather. Recommended time to stay out, in my opinion, is around half an hour. Give your lungs and body a chance to acclimate to the weather outside a bit and get comfortable. Reap the benefits of fresh and beautiful air.

No matter what the season is, taking time to get outside and enjoy the air and environment around you is beneficial. It gets you up and moving, you will get some fresh air, and you become more aware of your surroundings.

So take a few minutes to step outside and enjoy the world around you. Get outside!

Peace and serenity,

Simply Me


goodnufranch said...

This is something that I need to work on. I despise winter. I love the other seasons, just not winter. I appreciate the beauty and the wonder of winter. Really I do.

Simply Green said...

What's not to love about winter, as long as you dress for the weather? :) I used to be an inside-person all year. In the winter because of the cold and the summer because of the bugs. Now I realized that life just passes by, and I want to grab it, even when it's cold.
Make a snowman! :) Take pictures too!