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So we just finished the first batch of homemade granola that I made a few weeks back. I used the recipe from the Healthy Snacks To Go e-book at Kitchen Stewardship, and I gotta say it really was super easy. I never would have imagined that making granola was so simple. I am looking at trying to make the energy bars next time, along with some more granola.

The granola I'm going to try to make today, as it only takes about half an hour as long as I have everything (which I'm pretty sure I do). Maybe I'll throw some chopped dried apricots in there as well to add a little bit of additional sweetness.

So far, all that's needed is:

Quick Oats oatmeal (picked up at the Bulk Barn)
Chopped cashews (Bulk Barn)
Sunflower seeds (Bulk Barn, I chose unsalted)
Honey (purchased from a local vendor)
Dried apricots (or raisins, craisins, or other soft dried fruit, Bulk Barn)

I may be missing a few ingredients, but those are the main ones. Katie at Kitchen Stewardship very politely requests that those who do purchase her e-book (which is my favourite recipe book by far) don't share the exact recipes on the web. Instead, let me tell you that this is the best granola I've ever had. It is baked in the oven, so if you are baking something else, make your granola at the same time and save energy!

I've also made applesauce thanks to the simple and easy directions of this e-book, and now I don't even need to reference it anymore to make perfect and deliciously fresh applesauce any day I please. Since apples are in season right now, that's a lot of apple sauce! But it all gets eaten, so I must be doing something right.
What are your favourite easy to make recipes? Do you have certain things you fall back on when you need a quick snack? Do you consider your personal health as well as the environmental impact of your snacks when you choose?
Peace and serenity,
Simply Me
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