Working out with a partner

Getting physical exercise is known to be good for your health. Keeps your blood pumping and increases fitness. It also releases endorphins, which create the happy and satisfied feeling that you get after exercising or eating something like chocolate.

Now, if you want to further increase your endorphin levels, as well as reinforce an interpersonal bond, try exercising with a friend or partner. Working out with your partner, especially, has a healing and bonding effect on your relationship. Not to mention the one-on-one time the two of you will have, and the common ground you will both share.

This past week, M and I have started cooperative exercising. We take turns leading the exercises, and mix it up. It’s a lot of fun! I show her a few yoga poses, and we both get a great stretch and release. We toss weighed balls back and forth to work out our arms and shoulders. We did sit-ups, and tandem squats with interlaced arms.

This may sound incredibly dull, and if I were doing it on my own, it certainly would have been. But with M, there’s an added challenge, as well as company. She is right there with me, and so we work out together.

Not only did I manage to actually work out (an accomplishment for me!) but I actually enjoyed it, and look forward to the next time we will be doing it again.

Because of the release of endorphins during exercise, the two of you will have synchronized chemical reactions where your endorphins will both create the feeling of happiness as well as evaporate stress. These feelings will create a more open relationship and you will likely find yourself drawn nearer to your partner once more.

Now, if you are exercising with a friend, similar reactions will happen. You will feel a closer bond with the friend, and you will begin wanting to spend more time with them. If you are already in a relationship, I would recommend mixing up your exercise partner to avoid any undue stress or accusations that may occur, particularly if your partner is known for being jealous.

Exercising with a friend will create a more open friendship as well, which will lead to a deeper connection between the two of you, and you will feel more able to open up to them. It is always good to have a friend you can talk to about anything, and regular exercise with this friend will create simple opportunities to begin a conversation.

Working out with a friend will also give you time for yourself to spend time with someone aside from your partner, which is very good as many people have difficulty doing activities without their partners.

Instead of just drilling away in the gym, or in front of the workout video, invite someone to join you. Reconnect in a way you could never have previously imagined. Relish in the openness of your newly rediscovered relationship.

Do you work out alone? Consider inviting your friend or significant other to join you. What sort of coupled or partnered exercises do you like best? Share your preferences, and learn something new!

Peace and serenity,

Simply Me


goodnufranch said...

That is one area where I am sadly lacking. i use to be so much better when I was younger. Either I have gotten extremely lazy, or I lack the motivation.

Before I read your post tonight, I was already thinking since hubby is home tomorrow from camp, maybe we could for a walk through the snow.

Also, I wanted to say thanks for following me. It made me feel good!! :)

Simply Green said...

I used to always make the excuse, M is home, I want to spend time with her not work out. But actually doing it is so much fun, and it's great exercise! Good luck to you!

I'm the worst for being lazy, so I feel you there. Just gotta break through and force yourself to do it a few times, and you'll love it. Just make sure you do exercise that you actually enjoy! :D