Create Beauty

Creativity is often thought, or presumed, to have only to do with arts. Graphic arts, digital arts, or verbal arts, but always arts. There are many ways to display and emphasize creativity without being artistic.

This may seem a little bit odd coming from me, as I declare myself as a creative artist. But simply because I am an artist, does not mean that I think any less of the other forms of creativity.

Music is an art. Drawing and painting are arts. But creativity is everywhere. Creativity is adding your signature at the end of a note, or decorating your living room. Your personal flair is what creates and amplifies that aspect of life. Don’t hold it back.

Creation requires creativity. If you want to create something, from something as simple as a filing system, you need creativity. Each and every person I have ever met has the potential to be creative.

Most individuals were not given the chance to show their creativity. It has been shot down, blocked and subsequently repressed. It is time to break it out. Set it free.

Anything that you add your personal touch to has been affected by your creative nature. Holding this back will leave you feeling that your input is not relevant, or not important, but it is. Each person’s personal and individual interpretation on anything is what makes it come alive.

Life is beautiful, and it is miraculous. It is creative and inventive. Life has an open mind to the imagination, and the freedom to become what you want it to be.

Beauty is a subjective thing, so your view of beauty will invariably be different from your neighbour’s or your family’s view of beauty. Creating beauty can be as simple as having affection for something that you have created. Your influence on the world around you will create beauty all on it’s own, and adding your conscious efforts into that will magnify the level and quality of the beauty that you have created.

Peace and serenity,

Simply Me

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