Day 11 of 30: A deceased person I wish I could talk to

So, this one is super easy. My grandfather on my dad's side passed away less than a year before I was born. I've always heard that I'm a lot like him, and that he was a great guy. When I was in grade 9, I had a dream, and in it I came out to him about a lot of things (sexuality, spirituality) that I had never mentioned to any of my family. In my dream, he told me he loved me no matter what, and that he would always be watching over me.

Grandpa Art, this tweet's for you <3

@Grampa I feel that I know you though we've never met. I know that I love you, and I want to thank you for watching over me all my life. I miss you.

Who is there that isn't in your life anymore, or maybe was long gone before you were born, that you'd like to talk to? What would you say to them? What do you think they would say to you?

Love and compassion,

Simply Me

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