Day 4 of 30 - My sibling AND wedding update

@Phil Despite the fact that you don't try to push yourself forward in life, I hope you can find your goal, and become all you should be.

My brother is a strange person. He is incredibly gifted and intelligent, but in that lays overconfidence and know-it-all-ism. He doesn't always accept that his way is not always the best, but he is usually there for me. We have had many disagreements, and many months where we did not speak. But he is my brother, and I do love him dearly. I only hope that he reaches for the dreams that he has, and I know that he will attain them.

In other news:

Just finishing up the sample procession for the wedding (which is in like less that 3 weeks!) and putting everything in order. My brain is mush. There is so much left to do, but it's all little details. I wish I had known how much was left, before now! Then I wouldn't be in crunch time! Bah!

Also, I'm handmaking my place cards. Did not want to pay for someone to do something that I can do. So I'm stamping cardstock with pink and blue letters. Good fun.

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